University of Arizona Campus  •  March 2 - 3, 2019  •  9:30am to 5:30pm
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Food Vendors at the 2019 Festival

Food & Beverage Committee / February 8, 2019

From meals to snacks, from drinks to desserts, there are lots of delicious treats to select from during the Festival! Fill your brain at the sessions and your tummy at the food'll be glad you did!

Beyond Bread
1/2 Turkey Sandwich$6.00
1/2 Chicken Sandwich$6.00
1/2 Mozzarella Sandwich$6.00
1/2 Ham Sandwich$6.00
1/2 Peanut, Butter and Jelly Sandwich$3.00
Blue Banjo BBQ Catering
Tri Tip Steak Sandwich$9.00
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich$7.00
Grilled Bratwurst$7.00
Grilled Veggie Burger$7.00
BrushFire BBQ Co
Brisket Sandwich$11.00
Pork Sandwich$10.00
Chicken Sandwich$9.00
Creamy Slaw$4.00
Messy Chips$9.00
BrushFire Ice Creamery
One Scoop$4.00
Two Scoops$7.00
Three Scoops$10.00
Lemonade, 24oz cup-$5.00, 32oz cup-$6.00$6.00
Limeade, 24oz cup-$5.00, 32oz cup-$6.00$6.00
Orangeade, 24oz cup-$5.00, 32oz cup-$6.00$6.00
Lemon/Limeade, 24oz cup-$5.00, 32oz cup-$6.00$6.00
Stor Chaser, 24oz cup-$6.00, 32oz cup-$7.00$7.00
12 ozSmall eegee (Flavor Strawberry, Pina, Lemon)$4.00
24 oz Large eegee (Flavor Strawberry, Pina, Lemon)$6.00
Cookie (Choc Chip)$2.00
Fresco Pizzeria & Pastaria
Caesar Salad or Pasta Salad$6.00
Garlic Knots or Meatballs on a stick$6.00
Pasta Marinara$8.00
Pasta Marinara w/ Meatballs$11.00
Chocolate Chip Cookie$3.00
Frost Gelato
Gelato Cups Scooped$5.00
Frost Gelato Bars$6.00
Gelato Scooped Med$6.00
Gelato Scooped Large$8.00
Hawaiian Shave Ice
Shave Ice$4.00
Bottled Water, sodas$2.00
Hot Bamboo
Steamed Buns$7.00
Rice Bowls$10.00
Pot Sticker Dumplings$6.00
Hot Pops Kettle Corn
Kettle Corn popped and bagged on site, small bag$3.00
Kettle Corn popped and bagged on site, medium bag$5.00
Kettle Corn popped and bagged on site, large bag$8.00
Coca-Cola products and Dasani water$1.00
Jack's Thai BBQ
Chicken Combo-rice, noodles, Spring rolls, chicken stick$12.00
Orange Chicken with rice/ noodles$10.00
BBQ Satay sticks-shrimp, chicken, beef, pork$6.00
BBQ Teriyaki chicken Bowl with rice/ noodles$10.00
Vegetarian Pad Thai or Chow mein$7.00
Jakes Lemonade
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade$6.00
Bottle of water$2.00
Just Churros
Root beer float$5.00
Churro a la mode$7.00
Kabob Shack LLC
Berry Kabobs$7.00
Frozen Cheesecake$7.00
Apple Blossom$7.00
Lemons on the Loose
Strawberry lemonade$5.00
Prickly Pear Lemonade$5.00
Pomegranate lemonad$5.00
Lil Orbits Mini Cinnamon Donuts
Fresh Made Mini Cinnamon Donuts$4.00
Mutts Premium Hot Dogs and Sausages
smoked brat stuffed with jalapenos and wisc. cheddar cheese$7.00
All beef quarter pound hot dog$5.00
Italian Sausage topped with peppers and onions$7.00
Polish Sausage$7.00
Chicken Sausage$7.00
New Delhi Palace
Murgh Hyderabadi$10.00
Vegetable madras$9.00
Karnak Aloo Palak$8.00
Veggie Samosas$2.00
Keerai Pakoras$3.00
Glazed Almonds$8.00
Glazed Pecans$8.00
Glazed Cashews$8.00
Reneeā€™s Organic Oven
Hummus Tostada (gluten free)$7.00
Spinach Salad (gluten free)$7.00
Slice of cheese pizza$5.00
Pepperoni slice of pizza$5.00
Margherita pizza slice$5.00
SpunLight Cotton Candy
Organic Cotton Candy in various flavors$5.00
The Corn Roasters LLC
Roasted corn on the cob$5.00
Tucson Tamale Company
2 Tamales & Rice$8.75
1 Tamale and Rice$6.00
Tamale Salad$8.00
Big Salad$5.75
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