March 12-13 2022, 9:30-5:30, on the beautiful University of Arizona campus!

Frequently Asked Questions

Festival Staff / October 1, 2020

Questions related to the Festival are organized by committee. If you still have questions, please email for additional information. During periods of heavy traffic, response times for help questions may be delayed.

General Festival Information

    How much does it cost to attend the Festival?

    The Festival is offered free of charge to the public. Parking at the University of Arizona is complimentary in surface lots and in the Park Avenue and Highland garage during Festival weekend. The Cherry Avenue, 6th Street, Tyndall, South Stadium and Main Gate garages are available for $5 per vehicle; free entry is granted after 4pm. Use of public transportation is strongly encouraged. Both the SunTran bus system and the SunLink street car provide convenient alternatives to parking at the University of Arizona.

    Where are Festival proceeds directed?

    The Tucson Festival of Books supports organizations that work to improve literacy rates in Southern Arizona. Those groups include: Reading Seed, Literacy Connects and University of Arizona Literacy Outreach Programs.

    How much has the Festival contributed to non-profit organizations that support literacy?

    Since 2009, the Festival has contributed over $2,000,000 to agencies that improve literacy in the community

    What is the mailing address for the Festival?

    Tucson Festival of Books
    PO Box 42466
    Tucson Arizona 85733

    Is there a phone number I may call with questions about the Festival?

    Yes. Please call 520.621.0302 with your questions. We attempt to have the office staffed Monday through Friday from 9am-4pm. If we are unable to answer, please leave a message and your call will be returned…thank you for your patience as we train student staff to assist you.

    How does the public receive information about the Festival?

    The Arizona Daily Star provides a variety of printed articles and advertisements related to the Festival including a 68-page insert included in the Sunday edition the week preceding the event. Information may be obtained via with the majority of content available from Thanksgiving weekend through the end of March. An electronic newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and TFoB mobile apps provide a wealth of information about the Festival. Visit the website to connect to Festival resources.

    What is the mission of the Tucson Festival of Books?

    The Tucson Festival of Books is a community-wide celebration of literature. Offered free-of-charge, the Festival exists to improve literacy rates among children and adults. All proceeds from the Festival are used to sustain the event and support local literacy programs.

    How does the Tucson Festival of Books positively impact the community?

    In addition to the contribution to literacy organizations, the Festival attracts over $3-million to the local economy from visitors to the area. Hotels and restaurants benefit from the influx of tourists that visit from throughout the state and across the country each March. Because the Festival is provided free of charge, the greater Tucson community benefits from the celebration of the written word each spring.

    How did the Tucson Festival of Books begin?

    The Tucson Festival of Books, a registered non-profit organization established to support and fund literacy advancement in southern Arizona, debuted in March 2009 after two years of planning. More than $1,650,000 has been raised for local literacy organizations. Founders of the Tucson Festival of Books include business, university and philanthropic leaders.

    Who attends the Festival?

    Over 350 authors participate in presentations and workshops attracting diverse audiences. There is something for everyone at the Tucson Festival of Books…we offer programming for children and teens, panels by best-selling and emerging authors, a literary circus, culturally diverse programs, a poetry venue, exhibitor booths and two food courts. Words and imagination come to life at every venue during Festival weekend.

    How do I share suggestions to improve the Festival?

    We encourage all attendees to submit an attendee survey following the Festival (link available at Other times of the year, please feel free to submit your ideas to

    Where may I buy Festival souvenirs?

    Souvenirs are available during Festival weekend. Occasionally our vendor may provide special on-line opportunities to purchase Festival merchandise. Stay connected to the Festival via our website, electronic newsletter, Facebook and Twitter to learn of such specials.

    Are there automatic teller machines available on the University of Arizona campus?

    Yes, there are several. ATM’s may be found on the exterior of the Student Union Memorial Center on the east side and south of the BookStore near the elevators. Inside the building there is an ATM located near the Kiva.

    What is the weather like in Tucson during mid-March?

    Prepare for moderate temperatures – usually in the 70’s – with cool mornings and evenings (mid-40’s). Be aware that Festival weather has included everything from chilly rain in the morning to 80+ degree afternoons. Sunscreen and a hat are recommended for outdoor activities. The Festival takes place rain or shine!

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Author Information

    How does an author submit a self-nomination for the Festival?

    Information related to our Book Selection Process at the bottom of the page.

    How may our organization plan an event using Festival authors?

    Organizations that invite Festival authors to participate in events outside of the Festival are asked to share in the cost of hosting the author by becoming an Author Sponsor. This contribution helps defray the costs of travel and lodging paid by the Festival and allows us to keep the event free to the public. To learn more, please contact

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Indie Author Pavilion Information

    What is the Indie Author Pavilion?

    The Indie Author Pavilion is a venue for local and regional authors to meet and greet the public. Pavilion tents are set-up on the Main Mall of the UA Campus. Over 200 authors from diverse genre are available to meet and greet their fans in two-hour time periods on both Saturday and Sunday of the Festival. Authors will be selling and signing their books while appearing in the Pavilion. The Pavilions are for authors of all genres and formats, including self-published, small/independent press, pay-to-publish or vanity press, e-book only or primarily, and CreateSpace. All materials distributed must be original works of the author with appropriate credit given to source material. The informal atmosphere of the Pavilions gives the public the opportunity to visit with our authors in a less structured setting than the Festival panels, workshops and presentations.

    How does an author submit a self-nomination for the Festival?

    Authors wishing to participate in the Indie Author Pavilion complete an on-line submission via the Festival website. Criteria and general information related to the Pavilion are provided in the Book Selection Process link. Registration for the Pavilions begins around September 1.

    When will Pavilion registration information be emailed?

    Indie Author Pavilion registration will open on our website at 12 noon on September 1st every year.

    What is the cost to participate in the Pavilion?

    The cost for 2020 is $40; there are no refunds for no-shows or cancellations.

    I missed the deadline to be part of the Indie Author Pavilion. Is there a waiting list?

    Yes, we are able to add an author to a waiting list for a Pavilion space. If an individual cancels, the first person on the waitlist will be offered the date, time and location of the cancellation. Registration is complete when the fee is paid.

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Children / Teen / Educator Information

    What special programs are available for children?

    • We offer two contests for children pre-school through high school age. The Young Author and Young Artist Contests are open to students from across Southern Arizona; poetry is judged as a separate category with Authors. Submissions are due in December. Winners receive gift certificates and are announced at 10am on Saturday morning of Book Festival weekend.

    • Bus scholarships are available (subject to a private funding source) for schools serving financially disadvantaged students in low-income neighborhoods. Information will be placed on the Festival website in the fall with instructions on how to apply. Applications are accepted until funds are no longer available.

    • The Story Blanket Tent exposes youngsters to authors reading their books or illustrators creating artistic renderings for the group.

    • The Tent For Tots focuses on the youngest readers; the Book Nook Activity Tent is an informal space to participate in literacy-rich activities for elementary aged children.

    • The Free Book Tent provides titles that are appropriate for every age group – preschool through middle school. Teens may receive a free book in the Teen Lounge. We are happy to provide one book per child in attendance; thank you for understanding this policy.

    • The Children’s Entertainment & Storytelling Stage offers a wide variety of performances for families.

    • The Lindley Lopez Literary Circus performs “cirque du soliel” style interpretations of literary classics…they have something new for kids of all ages to enjoy. The Circus Stage is located close to Science City.

    • Volunteers visit schools in advance of the event to generate interest and promote attendance.

    • Festival authors may make themselves available to schools for visits before or after the Festival; fees may apply for schools requesting author visits.

    Are there special programs available for teens?

    • The Teen & Author Stage provides an opportunity for teens to meet authors informally to ask questions and have books signed.

    • The Teen Activities Tent will have hands-on, interactive projects in which teens may participate in a highly collaborative space.

    • The Teen Lounge is a space for teens to hang out and attend writing workshops.

    • The Creative Arts Teen Summit (CATS) Fiesta Friday program was designed in 2014 for 9th – 11th graders interested in writing and illustrating careers.

    Are sessions available for educators?

    All sessions offered in the Education Building are eligible for Continuing Education Units. Parents are also welcome at these informative sessions that support community and family literacy. In 2014, Science City added CEU eligible sessions focused on STEM literacy.

    May we bring field trips to the Festival?

    Absolutely! We welcome field trips during Festival weekend and encourage schools to coordinate visits on either Saturday or Sunday. Eligible schools are invited to apply for a bus scholarship to fund field trip activities.

    What is the Creative Arts Teen Summit – CATS Fiesta Friday?

    In 2014, we offered the first CATS Fiesta Friday program which brought academically at-risk 9th – 11th graders from high schools serving low-income families. The annual event takes place on the UA campus on Friday prior to the Festival. Students meet with authors and illustrators in a conference-style workshop that includes a keynote speaker, small group sessions, lunch and a visit to the UA Recreation Center.

    When is the deadline for the 2020 Young Author Contest?

    5pm on Friday, December 21, 2019 (uploaded to our website, postmarked or hand delivered to Make Way for Books: 700 N Stone Ave, 85705.

    What is the deadline for the 2020 Young Artists Contest?

    5pm on Friday, December 21, 2019 (postmarked or hand delivered to Make Way for Books: 700 N Stone Ave, 85705.

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Entertainment Information

    How many entertainment groups participate in the Festival?

    There are approximately 60 performances that take place during the Festival. Dependent upon the length of each performance and the number of venues offered, this number may increase or decrease accordingly. Information related to applying to be an entertainer is located on the Festival website in the left sidebar. Applications will be reviewed by a committee and emails sent to confirm participation for those groups invited to perform.

    What are the costs for providing entertainment at the Festival?

    The Festival does not compensate performers for their appearance nor does the Festival cover any costs associated with entertainment. It is the responsibility of the entertainer(s) to provide all necessary equipment for the performance (instruments, costumes, props, etc.). If a group plans to sell materials related to their performance, they are welcome to do so. All business licensing and tax remittance is the responsibility of the seller. Microphones, speakers and general stage equipment is provided by the Festival.

    Where do entertainers park during the Festival?

    Parking instructions will be provided to entertainers in an email prior to the Festival.

    I missed the deadline to apply as an entertainer. Is there a waiting list?

    We accept entertainment inquiries throughout the year. Should a vacancy occur after all spaces are filled, those entertainment groups that met the deadline will be offered the available space. If no group is able to fill the opening, those performers who express interest but missed the deadline will be notified of the opportunity and instructions provided to submit an application.

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Exhibitor Information

    How may an exhibitor purchase a booth at the Festival?

    Please visit the exhibitor link on the Festival website for information on booth registration. Details will be available related to costs, deadlines and exhibitor expectations during the year as our information is updated. Find exhibitor information on the left sidebar.

    Once I register and pay for my booth, am I automatically accepted?

    The Tucson Festival of Books reserves the right to accept or decline any applicant. Each application will be reviewed to insure that the use fits into the guidelines as listed in the Exhibitor Handbook.

    May I share my booth with others?

    All individuals exhibiting in a booth must be listed in the application. Subletting is not allowed under any circumstances. Exhibitors who do not comply with these guidelines will not be able to return to the Festival in following years.

    What are the costs for hosting a booth at the Festival?

    Cost information will be available from the exhibitor link on the website.

    Is there an exhibitor handbook?

    The handbook is available in the Exhibitor link. All exhibitors must agree to the expectations outlined in the handbook prior to registering for a booth. Failure to abide by the policies outlined in the handbook may result in an exhibitor forfeiting the opportunity to return the Festival.

    How do I order additional equipment for my booth?

    Equipment orders should be made at the time of registration for booth space. If additional equipment is needed, the process to order will be outlined in the information provided in the confirmation email.

    Where do exhibitors park during the Festival?

    Each booth is provided with one exhibitor parking pass per 10’x10’ space. Details related to load-in / load-out and parking will be provided via email. You will receive parking placards at the specified load-in time for your booth. Due to the limited nature of exhibitor parking, booth staff without parking privileges may utilize the free parking lots located around the UA campus. Utilizing public transportation is strongly encouraged during Festival weekend as parking near the campus is at a premium.

    I missed the deadline to purchase a booth. Is there a waiting list?

    More information will be available on our website regarding booth availability after the registration period ends. Early registration is from September 3 through September 21; regular registration begins September 22. Late registrations may be sold on a space-available basis and are subject to higher costs.

    Is there a list of Festival exhibitors?

    On the Festival website, all exhibitors are listed with a brief description of the organization, website link, Facebook and Twitter connections. It is the responsibility of the exhibiting organization to ensure that the information provided is accurate for public use. The Festival reserves the right to modify booth descriptions and remove links that are inappropriate.

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Food & Beverage Vendor Information

    How may a food vendor purchase space at the Festival?

    Food vendors must first apply to be considered for a vending space at the Festival. Applicants are reviewed by committee and invitations to purchase space are offered to those food vendors that complete the application, meet all deadlines and are selected by the committee to be a vendor. Priority is given to:

    • Local vendors and / or vendors that have participated in the past

    • Previous vendors that met all of the criteria for participation and complied with all of the policies and procedures outlined in the food vendor handbook

    a. completed application by stated deadline

    b. stayed open for duration of event

    c. left their designated area clean

    d. complied with beverage sales requirements

• Vendors that provide unique offerings are encouraged to apply

What are the costs for food vendors at the Festival?

Costs are dependent upon the location from which a vendor wishes to sell (food court or snack area). Vendors are allowed to rank-order their location preference when appling; actual cost will be communicated when a vendor is accepted. Payment is due according to a strict deadline that will be identified in the acceptance email. If a vendor fails to meet the payment deadline, a vendor that has been placed on the waitlist will be offered the space. Space is not guaranteed until payment in full is received.

Is there a food vendor handbook?

The food vendor handbook is available with detailed information on the Festival homepage. All potential food vendors must agree to the conditions set forth in the handbook before making application to the Festival. Failure to abide by the policies outlined in the handbook may result in a vendor forfeiting the opportunity to return the Festival.

What is there to eat at the Festival and where are the vendors located?

There are two food courts, multiple beverage stations and snack vendor locations scattered through the Festival. Specific information about the food available and the location of vendors will be available on the Festival website and via social media apps in February.

Where do food vendors park during the Festival?

There is a specified parking area for food vendors. Permits for this location will be provided to vendors when they load-in prior to the Festival. Details related to parking will be provided via email in February.

I missed the deadline to apply as a food vendor. Is there a waiting list?

Typically, we have more food vendors that apply for consideration than we have space to accommodate. Those vendors that complete the application in its entirety by the deadline but are not selected as a vendor will be considered “wait-listed.” In the event an accepted vendor does not confirm participation, provide evidence of insurance per detailed specifications and pay the required fee by the deadline date, one of the wait-listed organizations will be given the opportunity to secure the space. Food vendors are not guaranteed space until all paperwork and payment-in-full are received.

May a food vendor have more than one location?

The Festival strives to provide opportunities for multiple food purveyors. The food committee works to select diverse food options to be located in both food courts. On rare occasions, beverage vendors may be given the opportunity to occupy multiple locations; these situations are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Are food trucks allowed to apply as a vendor?

At this time all food vendors are required to operate and serve out of tents provided by the Festival. If a food truck operation is able to work within the established guidelines for food vendors, the group is welcome to apply for consideration. Only designated snack vendors are allowed to operate out of an approved cart or trailer.

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Friend of the Festival Information

    Who may join the Friend of the Festival group?

    Everyone should be a Friend of the Festival! Memberships begin at $30 for an individual and $50 for a household. Additional member levels have been established with benefits commensurate with higher giving amounts. More information is available by following the Donate link in the navigation bar.

    What are the benefits of becoming a member of Friends?

    Benefits associated with being a Friend of the Festival are posted on the Festival website and include early access to free tickets for Friends joining at the $125 level and higher.

    How do I pay for my Friend membership?

    It is simple to pay via the Festival website using our secure payment system; we accept all major credit cards. Communication with Friends is done via email including reminders related to renewing membership. Festival correspondence will originate from addresses generated through ... please update your settings to ensure timely receipt of information.

    What do membership fees support?

    Friend membership fees ensure that Festival programming continues to be offered free-of-charge. Every gift is important to sustaining the Festival and maintaining the high quality author panels, presentations and workshops for which the Tucson Festival of Books has become known. Think of the Friends group as crowd-sourcing a sponsorship…every donation helps build capacity, contributes to organizational financial stability and ensures long-term sustainability for the Festival. The TFoB is a 501(c)3 organization; therefore, contributions may be considered eligible as a tax deductible donation. Consult your accountant or tax advisor for more information.

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Friday Evening Event Information

    How may I purchase a ticket to the Friday Night Author Event?

    Friday evening activities are predominantly for sponsors of the Festival. The general public will be made aware of ticket availability via the Arizona Daily Star, the Festival website, electronic newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and mobile apps. A very limited number of tickets may be available and are expected to sell-out quickly. Tickets will be sold on a first-come first-served basis.

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Hotel Information

    How may a hotel be listed on the Festival website?

    Please email for information related to hotel listings. Provide the property name, location, contact person name, email and phone number. Our hospitality volunteers will follow-up with details related to being added to our list.

    Do hotels offer special rates for Festival-goers?

    Yes, several local hotels partner with the Festival to provide discounted room rates during the weekend. The list will be posted on the website in November with instructions on how to secure reservations.

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Logistics Information

    Is there a map of the Festival?

    The Festival map is developed during the fall and will be posted on the website when the layout is finalized. A copy of the map is also found in the Festival insert printed by the Arizona Daily Star and available the Sunday prior to the Festival.

    Where is guest parking during Festival weekend?

    Visitors to the Festival may park free-of-charge in the Park Avenue or Highland garages, permitted spaces or surface lots available on the UA campus with the exception of:

    • 2nd Street Garage (reserved for Authors and Festival VIP’s)

    • Designated handicapped spaces (always reserved for those with handicapped permits)

    • Locations designated as 24-hour reserved spaces

    The Cherry Avenue, 6th Street, Tyndall, South Stadium and Main Gate garages are available for a small fee of $5; entry after 4pm is free.

    Are services for the disabled provided? How do I arrange special accommodations?

    Yes, services are provided and special accommodations may be arranged. The UA Disability Resource Center coordinates these functions for the Festival. Please contact DRC directly at 520.621.3268 Voice/TTY or in advance of the Festival to learn how accommodations may be provided.

    May I smoke on campus?

    The University of Arizona is smoke- and tobacco-free effective August 25, 2014. This policy applies to University students, faculty, employees, contractors, volunteers, and visitors on its campuses and in its vehicles. It prohibits the use of any products that contain tobacco or nicotine, including cigarettes, cigars, vaping devices, pipes, bidis, kreteks, hookahs, water pipes, and all forms of smokeless tobacco.

    How are First Amendment Rights protected during the Festival?

    The University of Arizona takes great care to protect First Amendment Rights. Those individuals exercising free speech are welcome to express their opinions during the Festival; however, behavior that is disruptive is not acceptable. All visitors to the University and the Festival are expected to behave in a respectful manner at all times.

    What security measures are taken during the Festival?

    • University of Arizona Police Department is intimately involved with Festival planning and patrols the event throughout Festival weekend

    • Medical response teams are stationed across the campus to respond to health issues at a moments’ notice

    • Evening patrols are provided by a team of security professionals and supported by UAPD

    • The Festival Command Center is staffed during the entirety of the event to immediately address problems

    • Festival volunteers staff information booths and roam the event and provide assistance in a proactive manner

    • If you experience an emergency, call 911 immediately

    What is the policy related to pets?

    We strongly discourage bringing pets to the Festival. The number of people and the congestion of the event can be frightening for our four-legged friends; even the most docile of animals can become stressed, anxious and confused navigating the crowds. Additionally, pets are not allowed in tents, the food area or campus buildings where the majority of author presentations take place. Service animals are exempt from this policy and are always welcome throughout the campus.

    How do I get a ticket to an author presentation?

    The process for acquiring tickets is identified on our website. Early access to free tickets is granted to Friend of the Festival members at the $125 level and higher.

    May we take public transportation to the Festival?

    Absolutely! SunTran buses provide weekend service to the campus and utilizing the bus service is strongly recommended. The new SunLink Streetcar is operational from west of downtown to north of the UA with multiple pick-up and drop-off locations. Parking is at a premium during Festival weekend; taking public transportation is a great alternative to driving to campus.

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Marketing Information

    When will author information be made available to the public?

    “Teasers” related to author appearances will be made via the electronic newsletter, Facebook and Twitter during the fall. On Thanksgiving Day, the Arizona Daily Star will run an advertisement highlighting many featured authors; the following day, the author list will be made live on the website. In January, the program schedule will go live via our website. Mobile apps will be updated regularly beginning in January. Regular newspaper, radio and television advertising will begin in mid-February. The 64-page Festival insert will be provided by the Arizona Daily Star Sunday edition the weekend prior to the Tucson Festival of Books.

    How does our company place an ad in the Festival insert?

    The Festival insert has limited space available for purchased advertisements. Sponsors and exhibitors are offered the first opportunity to buy ads which typically sell-out quickly through this network.

    May we use the TFoB logo to promote the Festival?

    The Tucson Festival of Books logo is trademarked and may only be used with permission. If you wish to use the logo, please contact and describe the nature of your request. The Festival provides marketing materials to schools and businesses that may be requested via the website; a number of items will also be available in electronic form that may be downloaded from the website and attached to newsletters and websites to help promote the Festival through your organization. We are grateful to the entire Tucson community for their willingness to promote the event.

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Masters Writing Contest & Workshop Information

    How does one submit a manuscript for the Masters Writing Contest?

    Information related to the Masters Writing Contest (instructions about submitting the manuscript, timeline for judging and other contest details) may be found on the Festival website.

    What categories are accepted for consideration in the Masters Writing Contest?

    Fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

    Why is there no children’s category in the Masters Writing Contest?

    The Masters Writing Contest feeds into the Masters Writing Workshop. Currently, faculty at the workshop are writers of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. There is not a children’s focus at the workshop therefore, we do not accept children’s stories for the contest.

    What is the deadline for the Masters Writing Contest?

    October 31, 2018. All submissions must meet the conditions outlined in the contest information.

    When are winners of the Masters Writing Contest notified?

    Winners will be notified late December or early January.

    What is the process to participate in the Masters Writing Workshop?

    Invitation to participate in the Masters Writing Workshop is based upon the writing sample provided in the Masters Writing Contest. The top submissions will be invited to attend the Conference; winners in each category will have the conference fee waived. Other participants are asked to pay a nominal fee to attend. The Workshop is led by five faculty who conduct small group sessions, provide feedback to writers and offer advice to aspiring authors.

    When is the Masters Writing Workshop?

    The Workshop will take place on Monday, March 16 and Tuesday, March 17, 2020 (immediately following the Tucson Festival of Books).

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Moderator Information

    What is the role of a moderator at the Festival?

    Moderators are an important part of each panel presentation. They communicate with their assigned author(s) in advance (contact information will be provided) to develop rapport and mutual understanding of the topic. For many moderators, this is the most interesting part of the job. The moderator’s goal is to maximize the involvement of each author and provide an opportunity for the audience to ask questions at the end of the session. Moderators are expected to read the work of the author(s) to whom they are assigned in order to direct the conversation between and among author panelists in a meaningful way.

    How are moderators selected?

    The Literary Committee is responsible for creating panels and often selects the moderator for the session. Sometimes the Literary Committee asks that the Moderator Committee assign an individual to the session. When that happens, every attempt is made to identify a moderator who has expertise or interest in the presentation subject.

    I’ve never been a moderator…is there training provided?

    Yes, we provide information via email as well as training sessions to assist moderators in preparing for their responsibilities. It is very important that first time moderators attend a training session to assure the best possible Festival experience for authors, readers and sponsors.

    I’ve moderated at other events…must I attend training?

    Although not a requirement, we do ask that moderators follow the protocol outlined by the Tucson Festival of Books for managing panels. Detailed expectations and instructions will be provided via email to those selected to serve as a moderator.

    How may I be considered to moderate a TFoB panel?

    Please send your name, email address and areas of expertise / interest to so we may add your name to our list of potential moderators. Unfortunately, not everyone who indicates interest in becoming a moderator will be selected.

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Newspaper Insert Information

    How does our company place an ad in the Festival insert?

    The Festival insert has limited space available for purchased advertisements. Exhibitors are offered the first opportunity to buy ads which typically sell-out quickly through this network. Inquiries should be directed to

    How does the public receive a copy of the Festival insert?

    The Arizona Daily Star publishes a 64-page Festival insert to be included in the Sunday, March 4 edition of the newspaper. We strongly recommend purchasing a copy of the newspaper that day as quantities of the insert at the Festival will be extremely limited. We plan to have abbreviated content available at the Festival and will have schedules posted throughout the event. Festival-goers are encouraged to utilize the website and mobile apps to plan their attendance using on-line tools to create a personalized schedule of programs and events.

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Pima County Public Library Information

    How is the Pima County Public Library involved with the Festival?

    Pima County Public Library has played an integral part of the Festival since its beginning in 2009. Librarians and library staff serve year-round on the Steering Committee and Literary Committee to identify and bring a variety of authors to the event for readers of all ages and interests. Library staff also participate as facilitators at the Festival’s author events. The Bookmobile and Bookbike are all available at the Festival. In addition, lots of friendly library staff are on-hand to meet and greet Festival-goers. Pima County Public Library sponsors the well-attended Nuestras Raíces Tent which offers programs specifically planned for the Festival. Nuestras Raíces is a library program that builds community by celebrating Mexican-American authors, arts, and culture throughout the year. The Teen Plaza is coordinated by librarians in collaboration with young people who are passionate about literacy.

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Science City Information

    How does a group apply to participate in Science City?

    Apply to be a Science City participant during the month of September. A group / organization must submit a comprehensive application describing the activity to be conducted in Science City. If your organization is strictly interested in providing information (as opposed to offering an activity-based, hands-on experience), please work through the Festival Exhibitor process to secure a booth.

    What does Science City have to do with literacy?

    Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture/Art and Math (STEAM) literacy are critically important to creating a well-educated citizenry. Exposing visitors to the wealth of science opportunities in the Tucson area has become an important part of the Festival. Numerous authors of science-based books are scheduled to speak on the Main Stage in Science City as well as other venues across the campus. Science City has become a favorite destination for visitors to the Tucson Festival of Books and we are proud to host the largest science event in the state of Arizona. No other book festival in the country has an emphasis on STEAM literacy comparable to Science City.

    What is the process to volunteer in Science City?

    Volunteers in Science City must apply directly to the committee. Follow the link on the Festival website to receive more information when it becomes available in January.

    What is the meaning of the neighborhoods that make up Science City?

    The neighborhoods segment Science City into more general areas of science. It's a way of organizing the activities and participants for the benefit of the attendees.

    Science City have a website or are they on social media?

    Yes! The website address is or just click on Science City on the Navigation Bar above. The site contains information on becoming a participant or volunteer, photos and videos from previous years, sponsor information, and much more! To check Science City out on social media:

    • Follow us on

    • Like us on

    • See photos of Science City as it's happening at

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Sponsor Information

    What are the sponsor levels and benefits?

    Sponsor information may be found on each website page on the right sidebar. Levels range from $100,000 to $1,000 with benefits dependent upon the size of the contribution. Donations are gladly accepted at any level and sponsor packages may be negotiated to accommodate any budget. Friend of the Festival memberships range from $30 - $999 and may be made via the website. The Tucson Festival of Books is a 501(c)3 organization; therefore, contributions may be considered eligible as a tax deductible donation. Consult your accountant or tax advisor for more information.

    Why should a company invest in the Festival?

    Because the Festival is making a positive impact in Tucson every day of the year! Not only has the Festival become a premier event for the community each March, proceeds from the event are re-invested in agencies that provide literacy programming on a year-round basis. Literacy Connects, Reading Seed and UA Literacy Outreach Programs receive funding to continue their important work improving literacy rates. Since 2009 over $1,850,000 has been contributed to these agencies.

    Is there a listing of Festival sponsors?

    Festival sponsors are listed on the Sponsor List. Sponsors at and above the $25,000 level are identified on each page of the website in the right sidebar.

All Virtual! Sat, March 6 & Sun, March 7, 2021 | 9:30am-5:30pm

Technology Information

    I am getting a "Security Certificate" warning when I try to connect to the website…what do I do?

    Certain parts of this website are running in a secure environment to protect you and your information. All forms (especially those involving payment processing), the Festival Portal, and some other minor resources require the use of SSL/TLS. If you are running Internet Explorer, the simplest way to fix the certificate warning issue is to try using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to access the website instead. Technical details: the warning happens for two reasons. The first reason is that some old operating systems and web browsers don't recognize the StartCom root certificate authority. You can try to install the StartCom root certificate to see if that fixes the problem. The other reason is that Internet Explorer under Windows XP is unable to handle a protocol known as TLS Server Name Indication (TLS SNI). The Festival website sits on a web server that also hosts other websites. Without TLS SNI support, the web browser will get back a broken response from the web server. There is no way to work around this issue without incurring significant cost to the Festival. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome both correctly recognize the StartCom certificate authority and have TLS SNI support even under Windows XP.

    What is the Festival Portal?

    The Festival Portal is the method by which the Festival communicates important personalized information to a wide variety of participants (i.e. authors, entertainers, exhibitors, food vendors), collects payments, and offers a printer-ready format of the relevant information. Access to the system is a privilege, not a right. Users are sent credentials as soon as it is relevant to go into the system.

    What is my password to the Festival Portal?

    If you have access to the Festival Portal then you will (eventually) receive information containing your credentials, typically through email along with important instructions. With few exceptions, access credentials will come from the appropriate Festival committee member(s) as soon as it makes sense to go into the Festival Portal. If you are expecting a message and the message isn't in your inbox, check your spam folder. If it isn't in either place, reach out to your Festival committee member(s) and ask them to resend your access credentials to you. Note: we require a current email address on file associated with your account or you won't get your password because emails are sent to whatever email address we have for you. If you have your credentials and are encountering difficulties signing in, try this useful tip: highlight the password, right-click, click "Copy", switch to the Festival Portal, right-click on the Password field, click "Paste". Festival Portal credentials are automatically reset by the system shortly after each Festival. This is intentional while we prepare for the next Festival and adds security by automatically changing access information once a year.

    Please help! Something else is wrong or I've encountered a bug!

    Great! Well, not great. We are always trying to improve the website and the software powering it. As a result, bugs and other issues arise from time to time. Just fire up your email and politely write in detail what specific steps you took so that we can replicate the issue(s) more easily. Then plug in into the "To:" field and click Send. We'll take it from there and get back to you as soon as the problem is fixed.

All Virtual! Sat, March 6 & Sun, March 7, 2021 | 9:30am-5:30pm

University of Arizona BookStore Information

    What is the process to volunteer to assist with BookStore events?

    Volunteering for events hosted by the UA BookStore is managed through the Festival volunteer registration process. To learn more about volunteering for the Festival, visit the Volunteer link on the left sidebar on any website page.

    Are there literacy events hosted by the BookStore that take place throughout the year?

    The UA BookStore offers a plethora of book-related activities ranging from UA alumni author programs to children’s storytime to Pulitzer Prize-winning author events. An independent book store, the UA BookStores have multiple locations across the UA campus as well as satellite stores in the Park Mall and at Main Gate Square.

    Is it possible to pre-purchase books from the BookStore for Festival authors?

    Absolutely! When our author list is posted on the Festival website, there will be a “buy now” button for each Festival author that links their book directly to the UA BookStore e-commerce department. Our goal is to make the purchasing process simple and user-friendly for the book-loving public. For those of you who prefer to purchase through Amazon, we ask that you consider making those purchases through the UA BookStore link (which adds no cost to the buyer) and enables the BookStore to support important student initiatives on the campus.

All Virtual! Sat, March 6 & Sun, March 7, 2021 | 9:30am-5:30pm

Volunteer Information

    How may I volunteer with the Festival?

    Sign-up to receive our volunteer registration announcement by placing your name in our volunteer registry. Find the link on the left sidebar. Information will be emailed in January. Festival correspondence will originate from addresses generated through ... please update your settings to ensure timely receipt of information.

    Are there opportunities to volunteer year-round with the Festival?

    If you are interested in volunteering year-round, please email with information regarding your interest area(s) and previous experience. We will make every attempt to find a position that compliments your skills and fills a need for the Festival.

    What is the timeline for volunteer solicitation?

    Volunteer registration is made available to the public in January. We have approximately 2,000 shifts with the Festival (Science City utilizes an additional 700 volunteers). Jobs are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Communication with volunteers will be provided via email based upon the shift(s) an individual chooses. All Festival volunteers receive a special limited-edition t-shirt to be worn during their service period at the Tucson Festival of Books (we hope you will wear it after the Festival as well)!

    When will the walk-through volunteer training sessions take place?

    Training dates and times have yet to be determined. When registering for a volunteer shift, you will have the opportunity to select a training session to attend. Many of our volunteers have assisted us in the past and wonder if the walk-throughs are valuable…the answer is a resounding YES! Every year, the Festival changes and we review important updates for our volunteers during the training sessions. We will train volunteers in the use of our mobile apps to assist in answering guest questions, offer break-out sessions specific to each volunteer position and provide a walking tour of the Festival. All of these activities provide valuable information that assist volunteers in having a positive experience during the event. We encourage everyone to attend and learn what’s new!

All Virtual! Sat, March 6 & Sun, March 7, 2021 | 9:30am-5:30pm
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