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March 10-11, 2018 (9:30am - 5:30pm)

Planning Your Festival Time: Food and Exhibitors

Festival Staff / January 9, 2017

What’s going on at the festival besides panels and book signings? Well, if you’re going to be there all day, you’ve got to eat, right? (And also maybe do some shopping and getting info about community groups.)

I know it’s only January, but it’s always good to strategically plan your food outings when you’re at the festival. There are hundreds of thousands of people there, and it’s quite possible they’ll be hungry at just about the same time as you. Some might escape to eat offsite or in the Student Union, but many take advantage of the scrumptious offerings made available by some of the best and most well-known names in the Southern Arizona area.

Check out the list now to see who’s planning to set up shop!

And make sure to set some time aside one or both days of the festival to check out the massive range of exhibitors whose tents will be set up on the UA Mall.

Exhibitors ranging from local news to university departments to small booksellers will be sharing mall space with the bigger tents run by University of Arizona BookStores, Bookmans and Mostly Books, among others. Learn about local cultural groups, meet potential new partners, or grab some cool swag while you're wandering through!

Want to know what they might bring to your table? Here’s the full list.

There are multiple ways to approach getting everything done: the first is to just wing it. You have no set plans, you’re just going to wander until something catches your eye. You might miss someone you'd thought about seeing, but you're not going to be devastated. You have tickets for a couple of the bigger panels, but otherwise your weekend is an open book.

The other, of course, is to plan it to death (which is actually way more fun than it sounds!): Use the scheduler and the app to figure out where you need to be and when, and then have a look at the exhibitor list and map to see where you can get to in between. You'll jot down where certain authors will be signing if you can't catch them between panels, and leave dedicated rest times and locations, preferably where there will be entertainment. Then voila! You’ve got a two-day plan to make sure you catch everything and everyone you want to catch.

And don’t forget to count for travel time! That’s a long Mall.

How do you plan for your festival visit?

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