University of Arizona Campus  •  March 14 - 15, 2015  •  9:30am to 5:30pm
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March 12-13, 2016 (9:30am - 5:30pm)

2015 Participating Authors (by genre)

Festival Staff / November 28, 2014

Book/Movie Biz
Agee, Jon | Website
Albee, Sarah | Website Twitter
Alexander, Lori | Website Twitter
Angleberger, Tom | Website Twitter
Aslan, Austin | Website
Avril, Lynne | Website
Bao, Karen | Website Twitter
Barnett, Mac | Website
Becker, Helaine | Website Twitter
Birney, Betty | Website Facebook Twitter
Brimner, Larry | Website
Brown, Mónica | Website Facebook
Bryant, Howard | Twitter
Burks, Lauryn | Facebook Twitter
Burns, Loree Griffith | Website Facebook Twitter
Burns Knight, Margy | Website
Campbell, Teresa | Facebook Twitter
Cantor, Jillian | Website Facebook Twitter
Carrillo, Laura | Website Facebook Twitter
Carter, Ally | Website Facebook Twitter
Chamberlin, Ann | Website
Cotten, Matt | Website Facebook
Craven, Scott | Website Twitter
Cronin, Doreen | Website
Daniels, Prince | Facebook Twitter
Davies, Jacqueline | Website
Daywalt, Drew | Twitter
Deedy, Carmen Agra | Website
Deem, James | Website
Dennington, China | Website Facebook Twitter Google+
Feldman, Enrique | Website Facebook Twitter Google+
Foxx, C.J. | Facebook Twitter
Fulcomer, Betty
Gall, Chris | Website Twitter
Gibbs, Stuart | Website Twitter
Gomez, Judith | Website Facebook
Gomez, Malinda
Han, Jenny | Website
Heo, Yumi | Website
Hoffman, Alice | Website
Ibatoulline, Bagram | Website
Idle, Molly | Website
John, Jory | Website
John-Thorpe, Yasmin | Website
Kadohata, Cynthia | Website
Khoury, Jessica | Website Facebook Twitter
Knowles, Jo | Website Facebook Twitter
Lockhart, E. | Website Twitter
Maher, Marilyn
McDonald, Megan
McMann, Lisa | Website Facebook Twitter
McQueen, Todd | Website
Millet, Lydia | Website
Mlynowski, Sarah | Website Facebook Twitter
Nelson, Marilyn | Website
Nelson, S. D. | Website
Nichols, Amy | Website
Nielsen, Jennifer A. | Website
Nolan, Ty | Website
Nolis, Leon | Website
Norscott, Lynn
Oppenheim, Peter | Website Facebook
Paterson, Katherine | Website Facebook
Pearson, Ridley | Website Facebook Twitter
Perry, Michael | Website Facebook Twitter
Petrick, Sue
Primavera, Elise | Website Twitter Cancelled
Rex, Adam | Website Facebook Twitter
Reynolds, Jason | Website
Rocco, John | Website
Rose, Hayley | Website Facebook Twitter
Rosen, Michael J. | Website
Rusch, Elizabeth | Website Facebook Twitter
Rustad, Julie | Website Facebook Twitter Google+
Ryan, Pam | Website
Sadowsky, Cindy
Skye, Obert | Website
Smith, Andrew | Website Twitter
Soman, David | Website
Sonora, Odaiko | Website
Spensley, James (Jim)
Stanton, Leigh | Twitter
Steinkellner, Teddy | Website Facebook Twitter
Storad, Conrad | Website Facebook
Surovec, Yasmine | Website Facebook Twitter Google+
Tonelli, Kelly | Facebook Twitter
Vernon, Ursula | Website Twitter
Victoria, Amber | Facebook
Voelkel, J&P | Website Facebook Twitter
Wardman, Sandy | Website Facebook Twitter Google+
White, Dianne | Website Facebook Twitter
Wiklund, Timothy
Williams-Garcia, Rita | Website
Williamson, Jen | Facebook Twitter
Winskye, Paula | Facebook
Woodson, Jacqueline | Website Twitter
Yelchin, Eugene | Website
Comics/Graphic Novels
Current Events
Nuestras Raices
Politics/Political Science
The Arts
True Crime
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