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2022 Children's and Teen Authors and Illustrators

Festival Staff / March 7, 2022

2022 Children’s and Teen Authors and Illustrators

Dan Abdo (author/illustrator, MG SciFi/Fantasy graphic novel) Barb the Last Berzerker (2021). www.danandjason.net

Lori Alexander (nonfiction). All in a Drop:  How Antony van Leeuwenhoek Discovered an Invisible World (2019); A Sporting Chance (2020).  www.lorialexanderbooks.com

Charlie Jane Anders (author, YA SciFi). Victories Greater than Death (2021, pb, Unstoppable, Book 1). https://www.charliejaneanders.com/

Stephen Barr (author, picturebook).  The Upside-Down Hat (2022).  https://twitter.com/yikeslouise   

Angeline Boulley (author, YA mystery).  Firekeeper’s Daughter (2021pb).  www.angelineboulley.com 

David Bowles (author, YA/MG novels, graphic novels, picturebooks).  The Witch Owl Parliament (2021); My Two Border Towns (2021); Rise of the Halfling King (2020pb). www.davidbowles.us

Dusti Bowling (author, MG realistic fiction). Across the Desert (2021); The Canyon’s Edge (2021). https://www.dustibowling.com/

Michael Buckley (author, MG fantasy). Finn and the Subatomic Slip and Slide (2022); Finn and the Time Traveling Pajamas (2021); Finn and the Intergalactic Lunchbox (2020). michaelbuckleywrites.com/ 

Matthew Burgess (author, picturebooks).  Make Meatballs Sing: The Life and Art of Corita Kent (2021); Drawing on the Walls: A Story of Keith Haring (2020); Bird Boy (2021).  www.matthewjohnburgess.com

Cathy Camper (author, graphic novels, picturebooks).  Lowriders to the Rescue (2022); Ten Ways to Hear Snow (2020); Lowriders Blast from the Past (2018).  www.cathycamper.com

Alexis Castellanos (author/illustrator, MG graphic novel). Isla to Island (2022). https://alexiscastellanos.com 

e.E. Charlton-Trujillo (author, YA realistic fiction). Fat Angie: Homecoming (2021); Rebel Girl Revolution (2021); Fat Angie (pb, 2015). https://www.eecharlton-trujillo.com/

Josh Cochran (illustrator, nonfiction).  Drawing on Walls: Story of Keith Haring (2020). www.joshcochran.com

Decur (author/illustrator, MG graphic novel). When You Look Up (2020). https://www.instagram.com/decur/ 

J. Elle (author, YA Fantasy). Ashes of Gold (2022); Wings of Ebony (2021).  www.wingsofebony.com

Clothilde Ewing (author, picturebook). Stella Keeps the Sun Up (2022). www.clothildeewing.com  

Adriana M. Garcia (illustrator, picturebooks). Where Wonder Grows (2022); Donde Las Maravillas Crecen (2022); All Around Us (2017); Por Toto Nuestro Alrededor (2019).  www.adrianamjgarcia.com

Xelena González (author, picturebooks). Where Wonder Grows (2022); Donde Las Maravillas Crecen (2022); All Around Us (2017); Por Toto Nuestro Alrededor (2019).  www.xelena.space

Kathleen Glasgow (author, YA realistic fiction). You’d Be Home Now (2021); Girl in Pieces (pb 2020); How We Make Friends with the Dark (2020). https://www.kathleenglasgowbooks.com/ 

Margaret Chiu Greanias (author, picturebook). Amah Faraway (2022). www.margaretgreanias.com

Margaret Peterson Haddix (author, MG fantasy/mystery). The School for Whatnots (2022); Greystone Secrets #1 The Strangers (2020 pb), #2 The Deceivers (2021 pb), #3 The Messengers (2021); The Remarkables (2020 pb). www.haddixbooks.com 

Shannon Hale (author, picturebooks). Pretty Perfect Kitty-Corn (2022); Itty-Bitty Kitty-Corn (2020).  www.shannonhale.com

John Hare (author/illustrator, picturebooks).  Field Trip to Volcano Island (2022); Field Trip to the Ocean Deep (2020); Field Trip to the Moon (2022pb).  www.johnhareart.com

Judith Heumann (YA author). Rolling Warrior:  The Incredible, Sometimes Awkward True Story of a Rebel Girl on Wheels Who Helped Spark a Revolution (2021). www.judithheumann.com

Joanna Ho (author, picturebooks).  Eyes that Speak to the Stars (2022); Eyes that Kiss in the Corners (2021); Playing at the Border: A Story of Yo-Yo Ma. (2021).  www.joannahowrites.com

Lizz Huerta (author, YA fantasy).  The Lost Dreamer (2022).  www.lizzhuerta.com

Erin Entrada Kelly (author, MG realistic fiction). Those Kids from Fawn Creek (2022); Hello Universe (2020); Maybe Maybe Marisol Rainey (2021). www.erinentradakelly.com 

Rashin Kheiriyeh (author/illustrator picturebooks). The Shape of Home (2021); Gwendolyn’s Pet Garden (2021).  https://www.rashinart.com/

Amy Kim Kibuishi (author/illustrator graphic novels). Rema Chronicles: Realm of the Blue Mist (2022).  www.boltcityproductions.com

Bill Konigsberg (author, YA realistic fiction, LGBTQ+). The Bridge (2020); Destination Unknown (2022); The Music of What Happens (2020).  www.,billkonigsberg.com

Réne Colato Laínez (author, picturebooks).  We Play Soccer/jugamos al futbol (2022); Let’s be Friends/Seamos amigos (2021); My Shoes and I/Mis zapatos y yo (2019).  www.renecolatolainez.com

Marie Lu (author, YA science fiction). Steelstriker (2021); Skyhunter (2021). https://marielu.com/

Kara McDowell (author YA realistic fiction/romance). This Might Get Awkward (2022); One Way or Another (2021). https://www.karajmcdowell.com/ 

Anna-Marie McLemore (author, YA fantasy/magical realism, LGBTQ+). Lakelore (2022); The Mirror Season (2021); Dark & Deepest Red, pb, 2021). http://author.annamariemclemore.com/

Yuyi Morales (author/illustrator, picturebooks). Bright Star (2021); Dreamers (2021pb); Niño Wrestles the World (2015) www.yuyimorales.com

De Nichols (artist/illustrator, MG/YA). Art of Protest: Creating, Discovering, and Activating Art for Your Revolution (2021).  www.denichols.co

Jason Patterson (author/illustrator, MG SciFi/Fantasy graphic novel) Barb the Last Berzerker (2021). www.danandjason.net

Pham, LeUyen (illustrator, picturebooks). Pretty Perfect Kitty-Corn (2022); Itty-Bitty Kitty-Corn (2020).  www.leuyenpham.com

Matt Phelan (author/illustrator MG novels and picturebooks).  The Sheep, the Rooster, and the Duck (2022); Sweater Weather (2021); Knights vs The End (of Everything) (2020).   www.mattphelan.com 

Akshaya Raman (author, YA Fantasy/Romance). The Ivory Key (2022). www.Akshayaraman.com

Julian Randall (author, MG fantasy). Pilar Ramirez and the Escape from Zafa (2022). www.juliandavidrandall.com

Raúl the Third (author/illustrator, picturebooks/graphic novels). !Vamos! Let’s Cross the Bridge (2021); El Toro and Friends: Tag Team (2021); El Toro and Friends: Training Day (2021); Lowriders to the Rescue (2022. illustrator). www.raulthethird.com

Adam Rex (author/illustrator, picturebooks).  Gladys the Magic Chicken (2021); On Account of the Gum (2020).  www.adamrex.com/

Lilliam Rivera (author, YA SciFi/fantasy). We Light Up the Sky (2021); Never Look Back (2020).  www.lilliamrivera.com 

Mary Roach (author, MG non-fiction). Packing for Mars for Kids (2022). www.maryroach.net

Pam Muñoz Ryan (author, MG fantasy). SOLIMAR – The Sword of the Monarchs (2022); Mañanaland (2020); Esperanza Rising (2002pb). www.pammunozryan.com

Dan Santat (author/illustrator, picturebooks/graphic novels).  Aquanaut (2022); Endlessly Ever After (2022). https://dansantat.tumblr.com

V. E. Schwab (author, YA dark fantasy/horror). Gallant (2022); This Savage Song (2020); Our Dark Duet (2020). www.vewschwab.com

Laura Vaccaro Seeger (author/illustrator, picturebooks).  RED (2021); WHY (2019); BLUE (2018); GREEN (2012); Dog and Bear (2007); First the Egg (2007); Bully (2015 pb).  www.studiolvs.com

Laurel Snyder (author, MG novels, picturebooks).  Endlessly Ever After (2022); Charlie and the Mouse: Lost and Found (2021); www.laurelsnyder.com

Traci Sorell (author, picturebooks).  Powwow Day (2022); We are Still Here! Native American Truths Everyone Should Know (2021); Classified: The Secret Career of Mary Golda Ross, Cherokee Aerospace Engineer (2021); We are Grateful/Otsaliheliga (2018).  www.tracisorell.com

Tracy Subisak (illustrator, picturebooks). Amah Faraway (2022); Jenny Mei is Sad (2021). http://tracysubisak.com/

Mariko Tamaki (author, YA thrillers, LGBTQ+, graphic novels). Cold (2022); Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me (2019); This One Summer (2014pb).  http://marikotamaki.blogspot.com 

Padma Venkatraman (author, MG realistic fiction). Born Behind Bars (2021); The Bridge Home (2020pb). https://padmavenkatraman.com/ 

Kelly Yang (author, MG realistic fiction). New From Here (2022); Room to Dream (2021); Three Keys (2020); Front Desk (2019). www.kellyyang.com

Jaimal Yogis (author, MG graphic novel). The Awakening Storm (City of Dragons #1).

Brian Young (author, MG fantasy). Healer of the Water Monster (2021). https://brianlyoung.com/ 

Gracey Zhang (illustrator, picturebook).  The Upside-Down Hat (2022); Lala’s Words (2021). www.gracey.zhang.com

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