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The Festival Returns!

Festival Staff / March 21, 2022

Thanks to Indie Author Mary Lou Forier for these lovely thoughts about the return of the 2022 Tucson Festival of Books!

One week ago. I walked into the already bustling Student Union walkway, electric guitar riffing, old folks, canes and walkers, babies, strollers, toddlers toddling, college kids, tattoos, shorts, overalls, sweaters, caps and hats, everyman, everywoman, everyperson.  

And then — the University of Arizona Mall!    

It lives!  

The Tucson Festival of Books is alive, revived, vital, restored to its deserved position in the Book Festivals of the world. The people came!  

We walked among the books. Stacked, stood, strewn, on tables of bookstore, Indie Pavilion, small tents and big tents, in arms in line to sign, and stashed in bags made only for . . . books. And Authors, teaching and hawking and signing and sharing. Authors everywhere, from everywhere.    

We took our two-day holiday from war, anger, pandemic, sorrow, heartsickness. We walked among the books.  

Thank you Arizona Daily Star, volunteers, sponsors, moderators, authors, bookstores, musicians, circus performers, science storytellers, YA gatherings, toddlers in story-circles, lunch providers, publishing houses, and all who had a story to tell and rented a tent to share with us all.  

Thank you to us, the people, walking, listening, watching, munching, buying, and partaking of kettle corn.  

The Tucson Festival of Books has returned!

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University of Arizona

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