Tucson Festival of Books

Food Vendors at the 2024 Festival

You can try, but you really can't live on books alone. Feed that other hunger at these food booths throughout the festival as well as the Food Court in the Student Union.

New to the festival this year is an area with three food trucks between the Second Street Garage and the Student Union is the Friends and Volunteers Dining Plaza.

All menu items were good as of publication but you know how it is when you're shopping before a big party.

West Food Court

Center of the UA Mall

Renee’s Organic Oven — booth 170.

  Cheese and pepperoni pizza by the slice, hummus tostada, Greek salad and Boulder Canyon chips.

Flora’s Market Run — booth 169.

  Caesar salad, Flora's animal-style burger, mac and cheese, chicken salad sandwich.

Beyond Bread — booth 162.

  Half sandwiches, chips, cookies, muffins and kid's half peanut butter and jelly.

Asher JCC Café — booth 168.

  Falafel, salads and kosher hot dogs.

Frost gelato — booth 167.

  Gelato, sorbets and gelato bars

Tucson Tamale — booth 165.

  Tamale plates and tamale salads. 

Hot Bamboo  — booth 164.

  Handmade steamed buns created with a fluffy wheat dough and stuffed with filling variations such as the traditional Chinese-style barbecue pork,          Japanese-style ground pork, teriyaki chicken, and tofu.

New Delhi Palace — booth 163.

  Authentic dishes from all over India.

Friends and Volunteers Dining Plaza

North of the Student Union

Cow Pig Food Truck — booth 189A.

  Burgers, sandos, chicken wings and fries.

Zio Peppe Food Truck — Booth 189B.

  Italian-American inspiration with the flavors of Southern Arizona.

Carnitas Los Reyes Food Truck — Booth 189C.

  Carnitas tacos and Mexican food.

Children’s Area

Fresco Pizza — booth 320.

  Pizza by the slice.

Cherry Avenue Snack Area

Spunlight Cotton Candy — booth 476.

  Cotton candy spun fresh.

Frost Gelato — booth 466.

  Gelato, sorbets and gelato bars.

Kabob Shack — booth 478.

  Fruit kabobs covered in chocolate.

Hawaiian shaved ice — booth 479.

  Snow cones.

Hot Pops Kettle Corn — booth 477.

  Kettle corn.

Science City

Country lemonade — booth 508.

  Lemonade and tea.

Dante’s Fire — booth 529.

  2022 Iron Chef winner Kenneth Foy serving up tacos, chicken philly, monte cristo grilled cheese, and chicken alfredo mac and cheese.

Sonoran Hotdogs — booth 530.

  Sonoran hot dogs.

Just Churros — booth 531.

  Authentic fresh churros.


Lemons on the Loose — booth 439.


Jake’s Lemonade — booth 108.


Transit Tea — booth 443.

  Hand-crafted iced tea and chai made to order. Tea reimagined. Let your imagination run wild.

Stacks Books — booth 243.

  Espresso, tea, coffee-based drinks and lotus-plant energy beverages.