Tucson Festival of Books

Scavenger Hunt

Remember the joy of figuring out the clues in a scavenger hunt when you were a child?  This year the Tucson Festival of Books is recreating that experience with a free children's scavenger hunt in Science City and the Children's area tailored to preschoolers through 5th graders.  Would you be willing to donate items to give as prizes?  Any logo or non-logo items, gift cards, non-melting candy, books, trinkets, or small gift bags would be appreciated.  Cash donations from $5 - $20 are also welcome.

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Scavenger Hunt participants will visit six locations to identify a historic Festival Critter at each location. Festival goers of all ages are welcome to participate; however, the clues and locations are focused on elementary school children and families. Participants will access the clues, a map and directions, available in English and Spanish, via QR code on a cellphone or via paper handouts. Materials will be available online and in the Arizona Daily Star in advance of the March 9-10, 2024 Festival. Once the hunt is complete, participants may spin the wheel of fortune to win a small prize. Prizes will be awarded at the Science City Information Booth or at the Friends of the Festival Family tent located near the Modern Languages building. 

We would love your support. For more information, please contact Heather Grieshaber 303-514-5560 or Cara Shopa 520-621-3791.

Thank you,

The Scavenger Hunt Committee