Tucson Festival of Books

Freedom of Speech Policy

The Tucson Festival of Books (TFoB) strongly supports the First Amendment and will provide the opportunity for attendees to exercise their right to expressive speech / activity in a way that does not disrupt the experience of TFoB exhibitors and other attendees.

Individuals wishing to engage in expressive activity may do so as long as they do not block, impede, or otherwise disrupt pedestrian traffic, access to exhibitors, activities or building entrances or exits. People waiting to enter an event or activity may not be approached. The festival has been approved to amplify sound at multiple sound stages on Saturday and Sunday. In order to ensure that the invited speakers and performers can be heard and are not disrupted, these sound stages are the only areas approved for sound amplification during the Tucson Festival of Books.

Persons engaging in activities that block, impede, or otherwise disrupt access or activities as set forth herein may, at the sole discretion of TFoB staff, be asked to move to an alternate location.

Those wishing to sell items or display signage, must be paid exhibitors/sponsors who have been invited to participate by the festival and must do so only in the confines of their assigned booth/venue.