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Steven Levitsky

Stephanie Mitchell

Steven Levitsky, co-author of "How Democracies Die," is a David Rockefeller Professor of Latin American Studies and Professor of Government at Harvard University. His research interests include political parties and party-building, authoritarianism and democratization and weak and informal institutions, with a focus on Latin America. He is author of "Transforming Labor-Based Parties in Latin America: Argentine Peronism in Comparative Perspective," co-author of "Competitive Authoritarianism: Hybrid Regimes after the Cold War" and "How Democracies Die," and co-editor of "Argentine Democracy: The Politics of Institutional Weakness," "Informal Institutions and Democracy: Lessons from Latin America," "The Resurgence of the Left in Latin America" and "Challenges of Party-Building in Latin America." He is currently writing a book (with Lucan Way) on the durability of revolutionary regimes.

Levitsky has written for Vox and The New York Times. Daniel Ziblatt, also at Harvard, is Steven's co-author.

How Democracies Die
Current Issues / Politics / Social Science
January 2018
ISBN 9781524762933
320 pages
$26.00, INSTOCK
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Fateful alliances -- Gatekeeping in America -- The great Republican abdication -- Subverting democracy -- The guardrails of democracy -- The unwritten rules of American politics -- The unraveling -- Trump against the guardrails -- Saving democracy

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