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Sonja Stone

Author of "Dark Divide" and "Desert Dark," Sonja Stone collected intel on psychology and creative writing from Washington College, trained at Le Cordon Bleu for a cover job as head pastry chef and completed a handful of courses at the same survival school where Tom Hanks prepared for Cast Away. Currently, she's raising two covert agents masquerading as typical college kids. Just to be safe, Sonja's learned to throw knives, fire guns and navigate the desert, because... well, you never know.

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Desert Dark
Children / Teens
Holiday House
January 2017
ISBN 9780823437665
344 pages
$7.99, INSTOCK
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At Desert Mountain Academy, sixteen-year-old Nadia Riley begins a punishing routine to become an undercover CIA agent, but when a double-agent is reported on campus, she is the top suspect.

Dark Divide
Children / Teens
Holiday House
July 2018
ISBN 9780823438365
384 pages
$18.99, INSTOCK
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Hogwarts meets "The Bourne Identity" in this sequel to "Desert Dark, " set at Desert Mountain Academy, the covert CIA training school where Nadia Riley's harrowing adventures continue.

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