University of Arizona Campus  •  March 2 - 3, 2019  •  9:30am to 5:30pm
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Daniel Acosta

Daniel Acosta was born in Monterey Park, California, and grew up in the San Gabriel described in his novel, living across the street from the Southern Pacific Railroad tracks. After grammar school at San Gabriel Mission School, he spent his high school years in the Catholic Dominguez Seminary in Compton, California. After seminary, he majored in English at California State University, Los Angeles, where he studied creative writing with Leon Surmelian. He graduated from Cal State L.A. in 1969 and was drafted into the Army during the Vietnam War. Three years later he began his 34 years teaching English at Mark Keppel High School in Alhambra, California. He retired from teaching in 2007 to concentrate on writing. "Iron River" is a labor of love for his neighborhood and is his debut novel.

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Scheduled events:
Navegando la Vida: Stories of Manny and Juan
Daniel Acosta and Matt Mendez share their debut novels on the struggles of Manny and Juan, two Mexican-American teenagers fighting for identity.

Nuestras Raíces/Presentation Stage (Seats 150)  View this venue on the Festival map
Sat, Mar 2, 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Nuestras Raices
Signing area: Pima County Public Library/Nuestras Raíces/Craft Tent & Signing Area (following presentation)  View this venue on the Festival map

Panelists: Daniel Acosta, Matt Mendez
Moderator: Toby Wehner
Striving to be More than Ordinary
No one wants to just be ordinary but what does it mean for an ordinary kid to become extraordinary? Three authors share the ways in which their books explore this theme across the genres of realistic fiction, historical fiction and biography.

Education Room 351 (Seats 48, Wheelchair accessible)  View this venue on the Festival map
Sat, Mar 2, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Children / Teens
Signing area: Signing Area - Children / Teen (following presentation)  View this venue on the Festival map

Panelists: Daniel Acosta, Kekla Magoon, Andrea Warren
Moderator: Lisa Morris-Wilkey

Iron River
Children / Teens
Cinco Puntos Press
November 2018
ISBN 9781941026946
225 pages
$12.95, INSTOCK
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1958. The people who live by the iron river are mostly Mexican. Do their lives matter? Not to the cops.

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