University of Arizona Campus  •  March 10 - 11, 2018  •  9:30am to 5:30pm
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March 10-11, 2018 (9:30am - 5:30pm)

Chip Colwell

Chip Colwell is Senior Curator of Anthropology at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. He has published more than 50 academic articles and book chapters, and 10 books, most recently "Plundered Skulls and Stolen Spirits: Inside the Fight to Reclaim Native America’s Culture." He is the founding editor-in-chief of, an online magazine about anthropological thinking and discoveries. His work has been highlighted in such venues as The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Guardian, Foreign Affairs, Archaeology Magazine, BBC and TEDx. Born and raised in Tucson, Chip is the recipient of numerous honors, including the Gordon R. Willey Prize of the American Anthropology Association and the National Council on Public History Book Award.

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Scheduled events:
Chip Colwell
“Footprints of Hopi History,” edited by Leigh J. Kuwanwisiwma, T. J. Ferguson, and Chip Colwell “Footprints of Hopi History” illuminates how Hopis understand and value their ancestral landscapes. It offers fresh and innovative perspectives on archaeology and anthropology initiatives and demonstrates how one tribal community significantly has advanced knowledge about its past through collaboration with archaeologists, anthropologists, and historians.

University of Arizona Press, Booth #242 (Seats 1)
Sat, Mar 10, 11:00 am - 11:30 am
History / Biography

Author: Chip Colwell
Dignity and Worth: Inside the Struggle to Reclaim the Past
Two authors discuss how marginalized populations are reclaiming their stories and pushing back against a society that affirms its cultural and spiritual self-worth by denying affirmation to others. Understanding that racial inequality results when a people’s history is hidden, Sanchez discusses years of academic research.

UA Library - Special Collections (Seats 100)  View this venue on the Festival map
Sat, Mar 10, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Signing area: Sales & Signing Area - Integrated Learning Center (following presentation)  View this venue on the Festival map

Panelists: Chip Colwell, Tani Sanchez
Moderator: TJ Ferguson
Who Owns the Past: Science, Archaeology and Culture
How do we understand the past? And who gets to tell that story? Archaeology is a powerful tool for illuminating past behaviors and evolutionary trajectories, but it can also be limited--there’s a lot that archaeology can’t tell us about the past. How is the past understood? How is it represented and who gets to tell that story? These authors, along with an archaeologist, will discuss the process of archaeology and the challenges behind excavation, preservation of the past and interpretation of past history.

Science City - Main Stage (Seats 195)  View this venue on the Festival map
Sun, Mar 11, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Science / Medicine / Technology
Signing area: Signing Area - Flandrau BookStore (Science City) (following presentation)  View this venue on the Festival map

Panelists: Beebe Bahrami, Chip Colwell, Harold Dibble
Moderator: Andy Laurenzi

Plundered Skulls and Stolen Spirits: Inside the Fight to Reclaim Native America’s Culture
Science / Medicine / Technology
University of Chicago Press
March 2017
ISBN 9780226298993
356 pages
$30.00, INSTOCK
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Introduction -- Resistance: war gods -- Only after night fall -- Keepers of the sky -- Magic relief -- Tribal resolution -- All things will eat themselves up -- This far away -- Regret: a scalp from Sand Creek -- I have come to kill Indians -- The Bones Bill -- We are going back home -- Indian trophies -- Ac. More/less

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