University of Arizona Campus  •  March 10 - 11, 2018  •  9:30am to 5:30pm
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March 10-11, 2018 (9:30am - 5:30pm)

Real Science and Science Fiction

An astronaut, an astronomer, and two science fiction writers sit down together to discuss fact vs. fiction in space travel, future colonization of planets, aliens, human destiny, and other fascinating topics. Assistive listening devices available.

C. Robert Cargill

C. Robert Cargill is the author of "Dreams and Shadows" and "Queen of the Dark Things." He has written for Ain’t it Cool News for nearly a decade under the pseudonym Massawyrm, served as a staff writer for Film....

Chris Impey

Chris Impey is a University Distinguished Professor of Astronomy, and Associate Dean of the College of Science at the University of Arizona. He has over 180 refereed publications on observational cosmology, galaxies and quasars and his research has been supported by $20 million in NASA and NSF grants....

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Nancy Kress

Nancy Kress had never planned on becoming a writer, but staying at home full-time with infants left her time to experiment. Her first novel, "The Prince of Morning Bells," appeared in 1981 from Pocket Books....

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Leland Melvin

Leland Melvin is the only person in human history to catch a pass in the National Football League and in space. Though his path to the heavens was riddled with setbacks and injury, Leland persevered to reach the stars....

Sea of Rust
C. Robert Cargill
Harper Voyager
September 2017
ISBN 9780062405838
448 pages
$27.99, INSTOCK
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Queen of the Dark Things
C. Robert Cargill
Harper Voyager
January 2015
ISBN 9780062190468
448 pages
$15.99, INSTORE
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Screenwriter and noted film critic C. Robert Cargill continues the story begun in his debut, Dreams and Shadows, in this bold and brilliantly crafted tale involving fairies and humans, magic and monsters Six months have passed since the wizard Colby lost his best friend to an army of fairies from the Limestone Kingdom, a realm of mystery and darkness beyond our own. More/less

Chris Impey

March 2016
ISBN 9780393352153
Paperback, 336 pages
$16.95, INSTORE
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With plans to launch hotels into orbit and experiments in suspending and reanimating life for ultra-long-distance travel, private companies and entrepreneurs have outpaced NASA—which is bogged down by terrestrial concerns—as the leaders in the new space race. More/less

Humble before the Void: A Western Astronomer, his Journey East, and a Remarkable Encounter Between Western Science and Tibetan Buddhism
Chris Impey

Templeton Press
October 2015
ISBN 9781599474984
Paperback, 256 pages
$18.95, INSTOCK
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“This book will provide readers with a greater awareness of the spirit of curiosity and inquiry that lies at the heart of the Buddhist tradition, as well as the fruitfulness of maintaining active communication between the Buddhist and scientific commu­nities. More/less

If Tomorrow Comes
Nancy Kress
Tor Books
March 2018
ISBN 9780765390325
Hardcover, 336 pages
$27.99, INSTOCK
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Nancy Kress returns with If Tomorrow Comes, the sequel of Tomorrow's Kin, part of an all-new hard science fiction trilogy based on a Nebula Award-winning novella Ten years after the Aliens left Earth, humanity succeeds in building a ship, Friendship, to follow them home to Kindred. More/less

Tomorrow's Kin: Book 1 of the Yesterday's Kin Trilogy
Nancy Kress

Tor Books
February 2018
ISBN 9780765390301
Paperback, 368 pages
$15.99, INSTORE
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Tomorrow's Kin is the first volume in a hard science fiction trilogy by Nancy Kress based on the Nebula Award-winning Yesterday's Kin. More/less

Chasing Space
Leland Melvin
Biography & Autobiography
May 2017
ISBN 9780062496720
256 pages
$25.99, INSTOCK
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In this moving, inspirational memoir, a former NASA astronaut and NFL wide receiver shares his personal journey from the gridiron to the stars, examining the intersecting roles of community, perseverance and grace that align to create the opportunities for success. More/less

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