University of Arizona Campus  •  March 2 - 3, 2019  •  9:30am to 5:30pm
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Indie Author Pavilion - Adult Fiction

Carole Fowkes

Carole Fowkes is the author of the Terrified Detective mystery series. She's a frequent contributor to various Chicken Soup for the Soul books and other anthologies. Although she's originally from Cleveland, Ohio, where her series is set, she currently lives in Dallas, Texas....

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Dario Pohl

Darío Navia was born in Santiago Chile in 1961. He is a self-published author, who writes fictional detective novels with a historical context. His novels are written in the Spanish heard in Chile, particularly during the military government of Pinochet in the 1980´s....

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Mike Struck

Mike Struck is an Iowa author of four books. "Remember the Father" is a page-turning thriller that will keep you wanting more. Its sequel, "The Guardian Hope" is even better. If you read fiction, Mike is so sure you will enjoy his books that he has a money-back guarantee if you purchase his books from him....


Grant Winston

Grant Winston is a native Kentuckian who moved to the Tucson area and has resided here since 1996. Grant's undergraduate degree is in Philosophy, and upon graduating from law school he practiced as a lawyer in Kentucky and Arizona for 33 years....

Rebecca Rowland

R.S. Rowland is an author in historical fiction with interests in the period beginning with the Great War through WW2. She likes to explore relationships between unusual characters and to place ordinary characters in unusual circumstances....

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Gabriel Mabante

Gabriel Mabante is an introverted, coffee-swilling, millennial writer who likely spends more time messing around and looking at memes on the Internet than doing any actual writing. Born and raised in southern Arizona, he is also one of those sappy, idealistic types who believe in the power of love; that outlook largely shapes his own personal values and belief in empathy, equality and justice, and he is a tireless advocate for mental health issues....

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Juliet Bresler

Juliet MacLeod lives in Southern Arizona with her husband, two kids, three cats, and His Royal Highness, Cooper Alexander Border Collie. Before publishing her first novel, she worked as a web designer, a magazine staff writer and an on-air radio DJ....

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Steven Hildreth

Steven Hildreth, Jr. is an author, Iraq War veteran and firearms enthusiast.Upon leaving the active duty Army, Hildreth set out to become a thriller novelist. He has published three novels, with plans to publish more in the near future....

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Wendy Landers

Wendy Landers started the "Dieting after She Died," series on her self-titled blog in 2014. The first book with the series title was available in paperback in September of 2015. Wendy Landers completed the second book in the series, "LOVE & all its glory IS," in September of 2016....

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Dennis Medina

The author, a former international marketing executive, has contributed material to numerous industry magazines and published fiction in SpokeWrite. Moonshine Cove Publishing recently published his novel "The Madness of the Brave....

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