University of Arizona Campus  •  March 10 - 11, 2018  •  9:30am to 5:30pm
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March 11-12, 2017 (9:30am - 5:30pm)

Save the date for 2018!

March 10-11, 2018 (9:30am - 5:30pm)

Dennis Huffington Jr.

Before he ever stepped foot in Hollywood, Dennis Huffington had already mastered the art of reinvention. Early on in life, he realized that sometimes you need to just press reset and start over from scratch. His experiences growing up in a New Jersey small town and moving to St. Louis at the age of 17, made him wise beyond his years. That wisdom is reflected in his first book, "Inheritance," which chronicles the converging of life lessons he learned in the wake of his father’s death and the life lessons learned when he embarked on a journey to reinvent himself into a writer and media personality.

Writing on the book began in the early months of 2016 as a combination of memoirs and self-help principles. The death of his father during the writing inspired him to go bigger than he had planned. Originally titled "From Scratch,"Dennis realized that more than just one book was needed to deliver his message. The concept applied to multiple phases of his life; phases that many of us experience. Instead of titling the first book "From Scratch," it became the name for a comprehensive series based on life lessons; lessons on love, friendship, spirituality, success and failure. The first book in the From Scratch series, "Inheritance," sets readers up for the complete chronicles of his life, which he believes have prepared him for greatness on his own terms.

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Scheduled events:
Author Pavilion - Adult Nonfiction

From Scratch: Book One: Inheritance
Memoir / Essays / Creative Nonfiction
Enter Media
November 2016
ISBN 9780998012513
The author will make this book available for sale at the Author Pavilion during the Festival.

From Scratch: Book Two: Nemesis
Memoir / Essays / Creative Nonfiction
Enter Media
April 2016
ISBN 9780998012520
The author will make this book available for sale at the Author Pavilion during the Festival.

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