University of Arizona Campus  •  March 10 - 11, 2018  •  9:30am to 5:30pm
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March 10-11, 2018 (9:30am - 5:30pm)

Peter Yates Hodshon

Christopher Donahue

Christopher Donahue works with concept, writing, music and visual elements of art. He is empathic to outsiders and repelled by monumental and corporate expression. Much of his work is collaborative with an artistic family that makes up the arts for arts sake non-profit Sussex County Avant Garde. Mr. Donahue has more than 200 albums available for download, 2 published books illustrated and many written works that see themselves on video or shared freely and unpublished. He was born in 1978 to Cindy Anne Collver Donahue and John Patrick Donahue in Morristown. Grew up in Dover, transplanted in Sussex during high school. Served three years in the navy, which at end, he gained rank as a frocked boatswain petty officer. Seeking to deprogram, he drove his bike across country as a performance art piece. He attended college as a form of therapity; Chris Donahue is devoted to absurdism, Beckett, Joyce along with Music of Zorn and Derek Bailey. Some of the people Chris has the honor to work have ranged from all walks of life and many different artistic types.


Pedro lives somewhere between the desert and the deep blue sea, forever practicing to swim in the rain, literally swim in the rain. He has worked with Christopher Donahue for the past six years, producing two illustrated storybooks for adults of all ages. His spiritual guide is the ever-phantasmagoric Ron Ticonderoga, who was a bugle boy during the Civil War. Alejandro Jodorowsky is his mentor. What Pedro has recognized during his stay on this still a mystery...except for the fact that C. Donahue remains an artistic inspiration for further work. He writes because he is entranced by Donahue's illustrations and wants to spotlight his phenomenal talent. "More! I want to see more!" He likes peanut butter.

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...and so... (a not so "color me" adventure)
Fiction / Literature
Piltdown Man Publishing
June 2017
ISBN 9780692899243
The author will make this book available for sale at the Author Pavilion during the Festival.

there once was a man...
Fiction / Literature
Piltdown Man Publishing
February 2016
ISBN 9780692621240
Paperback, 69 pages
The author will make this book available for sale at the Author Pavilion during the Festival.

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