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Terry Heaton Cancelled

This author has cancelled their attendance with the Festival.

Terry Heaton is a retired television news executive, news consultant and the author of seven books, including his latest, "The Gospel of Self: How Jesus Joined the GOP." This memoir draws on his experience as an executive producer of The 700 Club in the 1980s, up to and including Pat Robertson's run for president in 1988. He is the author of "Reinventing Local Media, Volumes I & II," and has written for media news websites and media companies throughout the United States. Heaton is a leading expert on cultural postmodernism and the author of the Pomo Blog.

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The Gospel of Self: How Jesus Joined the GOP
Religion / Spirituality
OR Books
July 2017
ISBN 9781682190838

The bitter political and religious divides we see today in America have roots that go back many decades. More/less

Reinventing Local Media: Ideas for Thriving in a Postmodern World, Volume II
Business / Leadership
DONATA Publishing
December 2010
ISBN 9780978914752
Paperback, 424 pages
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This is the second volume of New Media guru Terry Heaton's collected essays. Based on thirty years of experience in local TV and nearly ten years of consulting work helping local media companies join the digital revolution, Heaton's powerful ideas explain both what local media companies have to do to survive and why they have to do it -- and do it now!

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