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Ananda Esteva

Poet, writer and teacher, Ananda Esteva, was born in Santiago, Chile where a brewing civil war caused her family to immigrate to San Francisco while she was still very young. She remembers her early years as “living in a fantasy world within a loud and amazing family.”

Writing started early for Esteva - beginning with poems in K5, songs in elementary school and creative writing at the University of California -Berkley. There she studied with June Jordan’s Poetry for the People, which included community projects and coursework in New York City and with Ishmael Reed, professor of English and poetry. Esteva obtained her BA and MS from UCB.

Esteva co-authored the book "June Jordan's Poetry for the People: A Revolutionary Blueprint," which focused on teaching poetry and the formation
of writing communities. "Pisco Sours" is her first solo book of poetry. Her essay ¡Venceremos! Words in Red Paint appeared in Seal Press’s anthology "Homelands: Women's Journeys Across Race, Place, and Time." She is co-author of a book of poems called "Explosive New Writing" featuring the Molotov Mouths Poetry Troupe. Her comedic short story, “Witnessing a Woman’s Hands,” was published in the anthology, "It’s All Good." Recently, Esteva taught poetry with the East Bay Institute for Urban Arts, Digital Underground Story Telling, June Jordan's Poetry for the People and Writers' Corps. She has toured across North America with her poetry several times.

Esteva assisted with a series of community events for immigrants who are at risk of deportation. These include providing resources such as legal workshops, safety plans and alliance building.

Esteva is a middle school teacher in the San Francisco Bay area. Having dyslexia as a child has not only been an advantage when teaching students with reading difficulties, but also led her to a love of the Choose Your Own Adventure TM series, a format which she now employs in her new book, "The Wanderings of Chela Coatlicue: Touring Califaztlán." At home Esteva and her young daughter, Estela, enjoy the company of two cats, Caballero and Ninjago.

Esteva is working on book two of the: The Wanderings of Chela Coatlicue trilogy, anywhere and anytime she can find peace and quiet.

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Indie Author Pavilion - Young Adult Books
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Sat, Mar 10, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Children / Teens

Authors: Patricia Elliott, Ananda Esteva, Madelyn Raine, Shirley Williams

The Wanderings of Chela Coatlicue: Touring Califaztlan
Children / Teens
Transgress Press
February 2018
ISBN 9780998252124
The author will make this book available for sale at the Author Pavilion during the Festival.

The Wanderings of Chela Coatlicue Alvarez is the first installment of a trilogy of coming-of-age adventures that follows a young brazen musical prodigy in search of a sacred bass once owned by a legendary blues musician Sugar Gonzalez. More/less

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