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Kristina Hakanson

Jonathan Brechner and Kristina Hakanson are graduates of Pacific University's MFA in Writing program. They write, hike, bike and teach English in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Read more collaborative poems, as well as Jonathan's work, on his blog: A Dreamer's Rest

Read Kristina's poems on her blog: The Logic of Wings

About"The Ordinary Glow of Life"

What is most striking and what distinguishes "The Ordinary Glow of Life" from other collaborations is the process. We construct poems two at a time, writing by hand and switching notebooks every few lines. We read what the other has written, where the other has taken the piece and continue writing. The process results in something unpredicable and surprising. When we decide upon a final pass, the poem is finished by whomever has the notebook. The notebook's owner completes all revisions. The poems in this collection are a true collaboration shaped by each other's creative will. It requires a kind of listening and openness. As we reread, we are consistently amazed by the singularity of the one voice that has emerged. It is impossible for us to determine -- nor does it matter -- who wrote which lines.

~Jonathan Brechner and Kristina Hakanson

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Indie Author Pavilion - Adult Nonfiction
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Sun, Mar 11, 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Authors: Jordan Aspen, Jonathan Brechner, Patricia Dolan, Olivia Audrey, Wendy Falcon, Kristina Hakanson, Roger Hinterthuer, LaShawnda Jones, Omar Makram, Heribert von Feilitzsch, Joe Wilkins, Melinda Wolf, Merle Yost

The Ordinary Glow of Life
August 2016
ISBN 1536896284
Paperback, 64 pages
The author will make this book available for sale at the Author Pavilion during the Festival.

Two poets, two journals, forty-eight poems, one voice. A unique poetic collaboration.

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