University of Arizona Campus  •  March 10 - 11, 2018  •  9:30am to 5:30pm
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Chris Enss

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Chris Enss is a New York Times best-selling author, a scriptwriter and comedian who has written for television and film, and performed on cruise ships and on stage. She has worked with award-winning musicians, writers, directors, producers and as a screenwriter for Tricor Entertainment, but her passion is for telling the stories of the men and women who shaped the history and mythology of the American West. Some of the most famous names in history, not to mention film and popular culture, populate her books.

Her new book is “The Trials of Annie Oakley.”

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Scheduled events:
Western Writers of America Spur Award Winners
Have a conversation with five winners of the western writers of America's prestigious Spur Awards. Assistive listening devices available.

Koffler Room 218 (Seats 142, Wheelchair accessible)  View this venue on the Festival map
Sat, Mar 10, 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Signing area: Sales & Signing Area - Koffler Patio (following presentation)  View this venue on the Festival map

Panelists: Johnny Boggs, Chris Enss, Nancy Plain, Deanne Stillman
Moderator: Kirk Ellis

The Trials of Annie Oakley
History / Biography
Two Dot
October 2017
ISBN 9781493017461
Hardcover, 200 pages
$24.95, INSTORE
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Long before the screen placed the face of Mary Pickford before the eyes of millions of Americans, this girl, born August 13, 1860 as Phoebe Anne Oakley Moses, had won the right to the title of "America's Sweetheart. More/less

The Pinks
History / Biography
Two Dot
July 2017
ISBN 9781493008339
Paperback, 184 pages
$16.95, INSTORE
Buy now

The true story of Kate Warne and the other women who served as Pinkertons, fulfilling the adage, “Well-behaved Women Seldom Make History. More/less

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