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Sara Dant

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Sara Dant is Presidential Distinguished Professor and Chair of History at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. Her work focuses on environmental politics in the United States with a particular emphasis on the creation and development of consensus and bi-partisanism. Dant's latest book is a new, completely revised edition of "Losing Eden: An Environmental History of the American West" with a foreword by former New Mexico Senator Tom S. Udall (son of Stewart Udall). She is also an advisor and interviewee for Ken Burns' "The American Buffalo" documentary film, the author of several prize-winning articles on western environmental politics, a precedent-setting Expert Witness Report and Testimony on Stream Navigability upheld by the Utah Supreme Court (2017) and co-author of the two-volume "Encyclopedia of American National Parks" (2004). An avid outdoor enthusiast and native Arizonan, Dant divides her time between northern Utah and the Galisteo River Valley outside Santa Fe, N.M.

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Sara Dant
In this American Scientist Recommended Read, Losing Eden traces the critical role the natural environment has played in the history and development of the American West by illustrating the many ways it both shapes and is shaped by the people who live there. Get your copy signed by the author!

University of Nebraska Press, Booth #202 (Seats 1)  View this venue on the Festival map
Sat, Mar 9, 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Nature / Environment

Author: Sara Dant
Redefining the American West
Gain a deeper understanding about the real American West with these two straight shooting authors. They will debunk myths and discuss the region's history, while giving us insight into the relationship between the land and its people.

WNPA Stage (Seats 146)  View this venue on the Festival map
Sun, Mar 10, 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Nature / Environment
Signing area: Sales & Signing Area - National Parks (following presentation)  View this venue on the Festival map

Panelists: Sara Dant, Betsy Gaines Quammen
Moderator: Carol Schwalbe

Losing Eden
An Environmental History of the American West
Nature / Environment
U of Nebraska Press
June 2023
ISBN 9781496229540
386 pages
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American Scientist Recommended Read Historical narratives often concentrate on wars and politics while omitting the central role and influence of the physical stage on which history is carried out. More/less