Tucson Festival of Books

David Lars Jensen

Lars Jensen lives in the painted and prickly deserts of Arizona. Though he's worked in construction, delivery, the dreaded office space, and in high school, it was always more fun to sit back and write. Since 2020, Lars has been publishing his stories with their own unique and whacky flare, looking to bring something new to fantasy and sci-fi. His first book, "Sandwich Desperadoes" is, a tongue-n-cheek love letter to Tucson and his time as a delivery driver. After that came his high fantasy and steampunk novels "Knights of Halicruz," "Bleed Steam n' Steel," "The Dark Rebellion," and "Tumbleteller." He is also a member of Camille’s Harem, a writing group that discusses the challenges and lessons facing new authors. When he isn’t writing, you can find Lars hanging out with his awesome nieces and nephews, making videos, watching movies, or escaping into nature.

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Bleed Steam N' Steel
Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror
Amazon Digital Services LLC - KDP Print US
October 2021
ISBN 9798497015775
520 pages

The Legend of the Ten Lords
Knights of Halicruz
Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror
Lars Jensen
March 2021
ISBN 9798718502213
742 pages