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Kelli L Peacock

Kelli (K. L.) Peacock lives in Tucson, Arizona. She is an avid photographer, traveler and rose gardener. Born and raised in Central New York State - near the Finger Lakes, she moved to Tucson twenty-nine years ago. Kelli uses her experiences of traveling and meeting interesting people to create the fascinating characters who live, play, and create murder and mayhem in the town known as The Crossings. A fictional area of West Texas, The Crossings has real-life problems – murder, drugs and unique individuals. Each book builds on the curious history of the region and the memorable characters who call The Crossings home.  kelli-peacock6.webnode.com

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No Man's Land
Mystery / Thrillers
December 2020
ISBN 9798583084128

Oh Henry, How Could You?
Mystery / Thrillers
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
August 2017
ISBN 9781974277407
Paperback, 266 pages