Tucson Festival of Books

Nalda Y. Francisco (she/her/hers)

Nalda is currently a consultant for Associates for Educational Success in Tucson, AZ and formerly a Third Grade Teacher. She currently works with K-8 students, teachers and principals in Arizona. Nalda and Kathryn formerly worked together in Nalda's third grade classroom where they connected their passions for multicultural literature and curriculum that is international.

Arizona author

Communities: Indigenous or Native American

Scheduled events:
Sketching to Stretch Children's Minds: "It's Like We're In a Book"
Learn about strategies you can use with children that encourages them to engage in visualization techniques like Sketch to Stretch. These response strategies encourage children to dig more deeply into their understandings of the books they read. Participants will try out the strategies and examples from children will be shared.

Education Room 310 (Seats 40, Wheelchair accessible)  View this venue on the Festival map
Sat, Mar 4, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Children / Teens
Signing area: Signing Area - Children (following presentation)  View this venue on the Festival map

Panelists: Kathryn J. Chavez, Nalda Y. Francisco
Moderator: Amina Saleh