William Roskey

William Roskey is a military historian and veteran but has been a number of other things, including a cab driver, a member of a moving crew, a Korean translator, an intelligence analyst, a proofreader, a program analyst, a switchboard operator, a farmhand, a budget officer, an editor, a bailiff, a management analyst and a locksmith. He has also prospected for gold in the Arizona desert and mountains. He has written three novels and a number of magazine articles over the years. Most of his articles have been about military history and technology. Examples are Civil War cryptology, satellite photo-reconnaissance, North Korean Army special forces, armistice negotiations and prisoner of war escapes.

His previous novels include "Muffled Shots: A Year on the DMZ," which is set in the mid-1960s in Korea, and "Fifth Gospel: The Odyssey of a Time Traveler in First Century Palestine," a science fiction novel in which a top-secret project sends a fighter pilot back in time to meet Jesus Christ. Both books can be bought on Amazon as both Kindle books and paperbacks.

His latest book, "A Terrible Loyalty: A World War II Submarine Novel" is a historical novel of submarine warfare in the Pacific during the first six months of the war, touching on the weapons failures the crews were plagued with during that period and the codebreaking activity which made a significant contribution to their successes. The central theme of the book is that people have a number of different people or organizations and causes to which they feel a sense of loyalty such as loyalty to one's own moral code, a loved one, the Constitution of the United States, friends, shipmates, the U.S. Navy and its regulations and one's country. Sometimes, particularly in war, it isn't possible to be loyal to all at the same time. One must choose which loyalties take precedence, and sometimes that decision is extremely difficult. This book also examines the nature of fear.

A TERRIBLE LOYALTY: A World War II Submarine Novel
Fiction / Literature
Imprint reads: "Independently Published"
April 2019
ISBN 9781073537235
672 pages
The author will make this book available for sale at the Author Pavilion during the Festival.

Historical Fiction at its Best! One of the first reactions of many who have read this book is to say that it is far more than a novel about riveting submarine action in World War II. More/less

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