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Leah Thomas

Leah Thomas frequently loses battles of wits against her students and her stories. When she's not huddled in cafes, she's usually at home pricking her fingers in service of cosplay. Leah lives in San Diego, Calif., and is the author of "When Light Left Us," "Nowhere Near You" and the William C. Morris YA Debut Award finalist, "Because You'll Never Meet Me." Her new book is "Wild and Crooked."

Wild and Crooked
Children / Teens
Bloomsbury Children's Books
June 2019
ISBN 9781547600021
448 pages
$18.99, INSTOCK
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Critically-acclaimed author Leah Thomas blends a small-town setting with the secrets of a long-ago crime, in a compelling novel about breaking free from the past. More/less

When Light Left Us
Children / Teens
Bloomsbury Children's Books
February 2018
ISBN 9781681191812
400 pages
$17.99, INSTOCK
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William C. Morris YA Debut Award finalist Leah Thomas crafts a wholly unique and compelling story about the aftermath of a family’s alien encounter.

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