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Gina Franco

Gina Franco book of poems, "The Accidental," was awarded the 2019 CantoMundo Poetry Prize. Set primarily in the borderlands of the American southwest, the collection reflects on the strangeness of accident and its role in creating the lives we are born into.

Her first book, "The Keepsake Storm," interrogates the uneasy alliance between the vehemence of memory and the surrealism of narrative, especially in light of language, place, faith and identity.

She keeps a journal of photographs at reliable signs that reflects her travels between Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas—where her family lives—and Illinois, where she and her husband live and work most of the year.

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The Accidental
University of Arkansas
October 2019
ISBN 9781682261057
100 pages
$16.95, INSTOCK
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Cascading through each of the poems in Gina Franco's The Accidental is a question: What does it mean to be human in a world where the soul is exalted but the body brutalized? Franco explores the terrain of the borderlands--not just the physical space of the American southwest, but the spaces where lines are drawn between body and soul, God and self, violence and ecstasy. More/less

The Keepsake Storm
University of Arizona Press
February 2004
ISBN 9780816523290
89 pages
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Here is Kathryn, "nearly 88, infinity next to infinity, / but infinity curled on itself, a whirlwind / that whipped about the house and was gone, / rain in its wake, a smell of dirt. More/less

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