March 2022

Charles Kenny

Charles Kenny works as the director of technology and development at the Center for Global Development. His current work focuses on gender and development, the role of technology in development, governance and anti-corruption and the post-2015 development agenda. 

He is the author of the book "Getting Better: Why Global Development Is Succeeding, and How We Can Improve the World Even More" and “The Upside of Down: Why the Rise of the Rest is Great for the West.” He has been a contributing editor at Foreign Policy magazine and a regular contributor to Business Week magazine.

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Scheduled events:
The Plague Cycle
Infectious disease has played a role in civilization, globalization and prosperity for 4,000 years. Join author Charles Kenny of the Center for Global Development and moderator Elliott Cheu of the University Arizona's College of Science as they discuss the cyclical nature of infectious diseases and the far-reaching effects from climate change, population fluctuations and global trade.

Science Stage (Seats 1000)
Sun, Mar 7, 2021, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Science / Medicine / Technology
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Panelist: Charles Kenny
Moderator: Elliott Cheu
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