March 2022

Mark Salter

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Mark Salter is an American speechwriter from Davenport, Iowa, known for his collaborations with United States Senator John McCain on several nonfiction books as well as on political speeches. Salter has collaborated with John McCain on all seven of their books, including "The Restless Wave," "Faith of My Fathers," "Worth the Fighting For," "Why Courage Matters," "Character Is Destiny," "Hard Call" and "Thirteen Soldiers." He served on Senator McCain’s staff for 18 years.

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30 Years with John McCain
Mark Salter, the long-time confidant and advisor of the late Senator John McCain, reviews the life of this hero and legend we came to know through his many years of public service. At the same time, Salter reveals aspects of McCain we have not heard before. The author of "The Luckiest Man: Life with John McCain" tells the stories McCain was too modest to tell himself and reflects on an influential life that will be long remembered by Arizonans.

Friends of the Festival Stage (Seats 1000)
Sat, Mar 6, 2021, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Current Issues / Politics / Social Science
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Panelist: Mark Salter
Moderator: Christopher Conover
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