March 2022

Cate Glass

Cate Glass is a writer of the fantasy adventure series Chimera. Her latest and final book in the series is "The Summoning of Demons." Cate Glass is a pen name of Carol Berg, award-winning and best-selling author of 15 epic fantasy novels and half a dozen novellas and short stories.

Though Glass' home has a great view of the Colorado Rockies, she has lived a large portion of her life in realms of mystery and adventure--Middle Earth, Camelot, Amber, Wonderland, Harry Dresden's Chicago, Jim Chee's New Mexico, Cheltenham race track or the colleges of Oxford, Victorian London, Cold War Berlin, the Welsh borderlands, River Heights, Marvel's version of Hell's get the drift.

While studying mathematics and software engineering at Rice University and the University of Colorado respectively, Glass carved out a special place for studies in English and History of Art and reading, reading, reading.

A few years into a career as a software development engineer, Glass took up a hobby of writing her own fiction. Many manuscripts later Glass is deep into the stories of the Chimera.

Glass enjoys binge-watching movies and (well-written!) TV, as well as camping, hiking, and biking with her mechanical engineer spouse. They have three sons who juggle music and teaching, software and carpentry, rocket science and ice hockey.

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Scheduled events:
Dangerous Heroines
A conversation with best-selling fantasy authors Samantha Shannon and Cate Glass about creating their underdog, kick-ass heroines who fight insurmountable odds against repressive overlords.

Elmore Leonard Memorial Stage (Seats 1000)
Sun, Mar 7, 2021, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror
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Panelists: Cate Glass, Samantha Shannon
Moderator: Suyi Davies Okungbowa
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