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Diane Phelps Phelps

Diane Phelps Budden spent over 30 years in corporate and academic marketing in Michigan before moving to Sedona, Arizona, where she fell in love - with ravens. She wrote about them in "The Un-Common Raven: one smart bird" cited as a children’s Panelist Pick in the 2013 Southwest Books of the Year. Diane wrote "Dear Hubby of Mine: Home Front Wives of World War II," with loving letters her parents exchanged during the war.

Diane’s latest book for children, "Needle in a Haystack: How Clyde W. Tombaugh Found an Awesome New World," is a biography of the young man who discovered Pluto in 1930 at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. His discovery turned the scientific world and the public upside down with excitement. The book celebrates his perseverance and passion for astronomy and the life lessons they provide all of us.

The author has taught college business classes, and visits schools, libraries, and museums around Arizona to present raven presentations, story hours, and workshops about self-publishing. Visit the author at www.dianephelpsbudden.com and visit Arizona’s red rock country and you will be delighted by her raven friends circling overhead.

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Indie Authors - Children's Books
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Sat, Mar 9, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Authors: Cristina Furtado, Lorraine Hawley, Tamera Norwood, Diane Phelps, Francis Gary Powers Jr.

Needle in a Haystack: How Clyde W. Tombaugh Found an Awesome New World
How Clyde W. Tombnaugh Found a Whole New World
Red Rock Mountain Press LLC
December 2023
ISBN 9798218265298