Tucson Festival of Books

Kim Orendor


Moving eleven times before the eleventh grade, provided Kim Orendor not only with great space perception from all the packing but also with a great desire to travel and explore the world. Her physical wanderlust and spiritual soul-searching collided as she spent five years living and teaching in Central China. Her memoir is a window to her journey to finding physical, emotional and spiritual freedom in communist China.

A national award-winning journalist, Orendor is excited to be part of the Tucson Festival of Books' Indie Authors pavilion. She looks forward not only to sharing her overseas and writing adventures with others but also to making connections and helping others on their own journeys.

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Unbound Feet (Finding Freedom in Communist China)
Finding Freedom in Communist China
Memoir / Essays / Creative Nonfiction
W. Brand Publishing
February 2021
ISBN 9781950385508
260 pages