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Raymond Avery Bartlett

Raymond Avery Bartlett is a Cape Cod-based travel writer, novelist and photographer. He has written numerous best-selling guides to Japan, Mexico, Indonesia, Tanzania, Canada, the USA, and Korea for some of the world's top travel publications, such as Lonely Planet, Insight Guides, Moon Handbooks, Budget Travel, USA Today and more. His debut novel, "Sunsets of Tulum," is set in Yucatán, Mexico and follows how a traveller's unintended love affair has far-reaching, life-changing consequences for all involved.  His second novel, "Celadon," is set in 1960s Japan, in a remote southern village that holds secrets the protagonist only uncovers after falling in love with the daughter of a local potter.  Contact Ray via his social media profiles or at www.kaisora.com.

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Fiction / Literature
Barrel Fire Press
October 2020
ISBN 9780988939059
252 pages

Sunsets of Tulum
Fiction / Literature
Barrel Fire Press
August 2015
ISBN 9780988939028
350 pages