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Wilma L MacLiver

Adriane Ryann Thompson

The ultimate betrayal of a child's trust. The taboo subject led by society's denial that abuse of this nature even occurs. 

Wilma survived 16 years of her mother Hellen's brutal, emotional, physical and sexual abuse - including acts of torture. Manipulated, controlled and violated from her earliest memories, Wilma despaired from the constant hunger, sexual abuse, violent beatings and strip searches. She feared suicide was her only option. The stigma and shame of the abuse silenced Wilma for years.

When she began receiving help for the abuse, she searched for a book on MDSA from a daughter's perspective and none were available. She decided then, that if she could ever find the courage, she would write her personal memoir for other daughters searching. She knew she wasn't alone.

This is her true account of the unspeakable abuse she suffered, and her inspiring healing process. 

"Life Behind the Masks" is a must read to witness her miracle healing from the worst kind of sexual abuse; an unforgettable memoir.

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Life Behind the Masks
Surviving and Healing from Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse
Memoir / Essays / Creative Nonfiction
Writing Well, Ink
October 2021
ISBN 9781737763192
408 pages