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C.K. Donnelly

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While other kids read comic books under the covers with a flashlight at bedtime, C.K. DONNELLY wrote fan fiction and fantasy stories.

She used her love of writing to pursue a career in journalism, and was honored with several press awards. She continued to follow her dreams of writing a  novel, a journey that was often uphill, both ways. And almost every day she wanted to quit...just as soon as she finished the next chapter. After 20 years, the self-described “Unsuccessful Quitter” released her first YA Fantasy novel in 2020.

Unsuccessful quitting' really means persevering, allowing yourself the chance to catch your breath, try a new direction, even fail epically, but ultimately trying again and moving forward, C.K. says. Passion, prayer, and perseverance almost always lead to achievement.

C.K. resides in  Arizona with her oh-so-patient husband and her little black dog (who is  equally patient). She no longer writes under the covers by flashlight. Usually.

(Photo Credit: Mike Harvey/Peak Image Photography)

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