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Kathleen Alcalá (All or none)

Wayne C. Roth

Kathleen Alcalá is the author of three books set in the SW and Mexico based on her family history. The first, "Spirits of the Ordinary," describes the lives of her crypto-Jewish ancestors in and around Saltillo, Mexico. The second, "The Flower in the Skull," is based on the story of her Ópata great-grandmother and her daughter Rosa. It is set in the Sonoran Desert, Nogales and Tucson. Both were recently republished by Raven Chronicles Press. The third, "Treasures in Heaven," is about the feminist movement in Mexico during the Porfiriato. It is forthcoming from Raven Chronicles Press.

Kathleen is also the author of "Mrs. Vargas and the Dead Naturalist" (Calyx Books), "The Desert Remembers My Name" (University of Arizona) and "The Deepest Roots: Finding Food and Community on a Pacific Northwest Island" (University of Washington). Kathleen grew up in Southern California and now lives near Seattle, Washington.  

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The Flower in the Skull
Fiction / Literature
Raven Chronicles Press
May 2023
ISBN 9781735478036
178 pages