Nancy E. Turner

Appearing Courtesy of Alan Harris and Diane Lebel

Arizonan Nancy Turner did not turn her attention to writing until after her children were grown, but she has since become well-known for her portrayal of women in the Old West. A graduate of the University of Arizona and Pima County Community College, her credits include "These is my Words," "Sarah's Quilt," "The Star Garden," "The Water and the Blood," and "My Name is Resolute." Her latest novel is the recently published "Light Changes Everything."


Light Changes Everything
Fiction / Literature
St. Martin's Press
January 2020
ISBN 9781250186010
304 pages
$27.99, INSTORE
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“I adored stepping back into to the world of the Prines through tough-as-rawhide Mary Pearl. More/less

My Name is Resolute
Fiction / Literature
St. Martin's Press
February 2015
ISBN 9781250060976
$18.99, INSTORE
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