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"Back from the Collapse" is a clarion call for restoring one of North America’s most underappreciated and overlooked ecosystems: the grasslands of the Great Plains. This region has been called America’s Serengeti in recognition of its historically extraordinary abundance of wildlife. Since Euro-American colonization, however, populations of at least 24 species of Great Plains wildlife have collapsed—from pallid sturgeon and burrowing owls to all major mammals, including bison and grizzly bears. In response to this incalculable loss, Curtis H. Freese and other conservationists founded American Prairie, a nonprofit organization with the mission of supporting the region’s native wildlife by establishing a 3.2-million-acre reserve on the plains of eastern Montana, one of the most intact and highest-priority areas for biodiversity conservation in the Great Plains.

In "Back from the Collapse," Freese explores the evolutionary history of the region’s ecosystem over millions of years, as it transitioned from subtropical forests to the edge of an ice sheet to today’s prairies. He details the eventual species collapse and American Prairie’s work to restore the habitat and wildlife, efforts described by National Geographic as “one of the most ambitious conservation projects in American history.”

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Nature's Revival
Have you ever wondered how you can help the environment? Listen as these two remarkable individuals, dedicated to ecosystem restoration, share their experiences and inspiration for renewing unique habitats. Discover how we can all contribute to a sustainable and thriving future.

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Panelists: A. Thomas Cole, Curtis Freese
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Curtis H. Freese
Back from the Collapse is about the evolution, Euro-American-driven collapse, and large-scale restoration of Great Plains wildlife through efforts by the nonprofit organization American Prairie to assemble a protected area of 3.2 million acres on the plains of northeast Montana. Get your copy signed by the author!

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Sun, Mar 10, 11:00 am - 11:30 am
Nature / Environment

Author: Curtis Freese

Back from the Collapse
American Prairie and the Restoration of Great Plains Wildlife
Nature / Environment
U of Nebraska Press
July 2023
ISBN 9781496231321
376 pages
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