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William Dirk Raat

W. Dirk Raat, Ph.D., received his doctorate from the University of Utah in 1967.  He taught Mexican, Latin American and Indigenous history for 34 years at the University of Utah, Moorhead State College in Minnesota, the State University of New York in Fredonia, and at Arizona State University and ASU West.  Professor Raat has authored over thirty-plus articles in referred journals and encyclopedias on Mexican history, U.S.-Mexican relations, historical geography and instructional technology.  Most recently he is the author of an essay on the American Southwest as Mesoaamerica's northern frontier that appears as the lead article in Transnational Indians in the North American West, edited by Clarissa Confer, Andrae Marak, and Laura Tuennerman (College Station, Tx.: Texas A&M Univ. Press, 2015).  In addition, Professor Raat has published nine books on the history of Mexico and Mexico-U.S. relations, as well as Indigenous Studies.  His eighth book was a study he did with photographer George Janecek entitled "Mexico's Sierra Tarahumara: A Photohistory of the People of the Edge" (Norman, Univ. of Oklahoma, 1996).

Raat has currently published a book with the Foreword written by Navajo artist Steven Yazzie on the 19th century experiences of several Native American groups in the Greater American Southwest.  It is entitled "Lost Worlds of 1863: Relocation and Removal of American Indians in the Central Rockies and Greater Southwest" (Hoboken, N.J. and London, U.K.: Wiley Blackwell, 2022).  He is a SUNY Fredonia and ASU Emeritus Professor.  Until recently he was a docent at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Az.  At ASU West he taught a noncredit course on the history and culture of Native Americans in the Southwest.  He lives in Surprise, Arizona with his wife, and has children and grandchildren in San Francisco and Seattle.

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Lost Worlds of 1863
Relocation and Removal of American Indians in the Central Rockies and the Greater Southwest
History / Biography
John Wiley & Sons
February 2022
ISBN 9781119777625
400 pages