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A. Thomas Cole

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A. Thomas Cole spent 32 years as a small-town lawyer in Casa Grande, Ariz.—in which A.T. Cole successfully defended a dozen murder cases, two of which risked the death penalty, and co-counseled in the largest personal injury jury verdict, as of 2005, in Arizona history. For his so-called “retirement,” Cole and his wife Lucinda have been rehabilitating a ranch in southwestern New Mexico, where they focus on protecting wildlife and wildlife habitats, wetland restoration and carbon sequestration. Their aim is to draw down their carbon use and to encourage others to do the same. Cole formally chaired the Arizona Humanities Council and served on the Casa Grande City Council. "Restoring the Pitchfork Ranch" is Cole’s first book.

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A. Thomas Cole
Restoring the Pitchfork Ranch: How Healing a Southwest Oasis Holds Promise for Our Endangered Land The Pitchfork Ranch is more than another dusty homestead tucked away in a corner of the Southwest. It is a place with a story to tell about the most pressing crisis to confront humankind. It is a place where one couple is working every day to right decades of wrongs. It is a place of inspiration and promise. It is an invitation to join the struggle for a better planet. Restoring the Pitchfork Ranch tells the story of a decades-long habitat restoration project in southwestern New Mexico. Rancher-owner A. Thomas Cole explains what inspired him and his wife, Lucinda, to turn their retirement into years dedicated to hard work and renewal. The book shares the past and present history of a very special ranch south of Silver City, which is home to a rare type of regional wetland, a fragile desert grassland ecosystem, archaeological sites, and a critical wildlife corridor in a drought-stricken landscape. Today the 11,300 acres that make up the Pitchfork Ranch provide an important setting for carbon sequestration, wildlife habitats, and space for the reintroduction of endangered or threatened species. Restoring the Pitchfork Ranch weaves together stories of mine strikers, cattle ranching, and the climate crisis into an important and inspiring call to action. For anyone who has wondered how they can help, the Pitchfork Ranch provides an inspiring way forward.

The University of Arizona Press, Booth #242 (Seats 1)  View this venue on the Festival map
Sat, Mar 9, 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Nature / Environment

Author: A. Thomas Cole
Nature's Revival
Have you ever wondered how you can help the environment? Listen as these two remarkable individuals, dedicated to ecosystem restoration, share their experiences and inspiration for renewing unique habitats. Discover how we can all contribute to a sustainable and thriving future.

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Sat, Mar 9, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Nature / Environment
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Panelists: A. Thomas Cole, Curtis Freese
Moderator: Jessica Moreno

Restoring the Pitchfork Ranch
How Healing a Southwest Oasis Holds Promise for Our Endangered Land
Nature / Environment
University of Arizona Press
February 2024
ISBN 9780816552801
376 pages
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