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JRW Case (he, him)

Marceil E Case

JRW (Robert) Case lives in Denver, Colorado, with his partner Marceil, and their mischievous Boston Terrier. Robert's latest book combines travelogue with memoir to create a triumphant story about an ordinary family living in the shadow of a very public massacre...of the coming of age and emancipation of the author's two children who attended a neighboring high school...and of a father, who, twenty years after Columbine takes off on a midlife escape across America on a touring bicycle. The pedaling began during the summer of 2017. Case did not then realize that its route closely followed in reverse, the generational road trip taken by an earlier unknown author to inspire the 1974 bestseller, "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance." Case's latest book, "Cycling Through Columbine," is by turns powerful, poignant, harrowing, historical and heartfelt.

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Cycling Through Columbine
Memoir / Essays / Creative Nonfiction
Bottom Dog Press
February 2022
ISBN 9781947504318
264 pages