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Olivia Frank

Olivia Frank's adventures through life have led her on a path to become a nature-driven author with a love for life, natural balance and outdoor adventure. While creating a narrative of countless journeys, a story of love began. One chapter in particular would blaze a trail like no other. In the midst of the Colorado mountains while finishing structural engineering school in 2011 she sold everything. With her husband, side by side they set out to explore the ocean by sailboat. Together aboard their floating home they lived off the earth, one-with-nature. After many years sailing throughout the Caribbean in 2016 they had a baby boy and took to the road in a motorhome. While raising her son they traveled across the United States. Inspired by nature and their travels, she started to write along the way. Through her books she encourages those big and small to explore and appreciate this beautiful Earth.

A desert born native to Southern Arizona. "Dear Earth" is her first book. Written to inspire young minds with all she has learned along her travels. Currently in the works is her next children's book "Dear Ocean and Autobiography."

If she is not with her family and friends in Tucson, Arizona. You might find her on a boat, or barefoot in a secluded area with her family exploring the beauty and magic of mother nature!

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Indie Authors - Children's Books
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Sun, Mar 10, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Authors: Olivia Frank, Erik Martin, Diona Williams

Dear Earth - The very first story!
The Very First Book!
Olivia Frank
December 2022
ISBN 9798218122362