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Kenneth R DeStefano (He/Him/His)

K.R. DeStefano is a domestic adoptee that was born in the late 1960’s and raised in a caring and loving Italian home.  As an adoptee, he had a largely happy life, but always wondered about the unknown. That curiosity led to a search for his own birth mother and a recent reunification with her. 

It also led him to seek a deeper understanding of his own journey and that of his birth mother, ultimately inspiring him to write his debut novel, "I Will See You Again...Hearts Will Sing," available at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C5DRHHMW.  The story is fictional but seeks to probe the very real feelings of displacement, abandonment, insecurity, and doubt that haunt some adoptees, while also exploring the loneliness and emotions of a young birth mother in that era.

He has been a practicing lawyer for over twenty-five years, is married for 27 years, and is a proud father of two adult children.  Late in life, he found swimming to be a source of peace and balance, and, against his better judgment, has done several open water distance swims.

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K.R. DeStefano
I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN: HEARTS WILL SING (2023) Paula Manto is forced out of her strict Italian home, and Carson Pepe has never felt he belonged anywhere. Healing begins for both when their painful journeys collide.

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Fiction / Literature

Author: Kenneth DeStefano

I Will See You Again: Hearts Will Sing
Fiction / Literature
Amazon Digital Services LLC - Kdp
May 2023
ISBN 9798218212759
278 pages