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Jams Bultema is an award winning author and has been named as a Finalist with the Amiercan Fiction Awards and was a Finalist with Best Thrillers Awards. Bultema is a military combat veteran and a retired twenty-five-year street cop from the Los Angeles Police Department. Having written several nonfiction police books, Bultema breaks away from that historical form and takes the reader on an edge-of-your-seat, present-day military thriller with missiles flying between the United States and China in their bloody fight for Taiwan. In his debut novel, "Sea of Red," Bultema combines his experiences with his flair for storytelling, using his highly-turned research skills to pen an accurate account of what war with China might look like. The result is an immensely readable military thriller with characters that will stay with you long after you finish the story. 

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Sea of Red
Mystery / Thrillers
James Bultema author LLC
October 2023
ISBN 9798988075110
424 pages