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Tasche Laine (she/her)

Tiana Boller

Tasche Laine is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in journalism, teaching and book editing. Her body of work includes "Closure" and "Chameleon," both recipients of book awards. She has also ventured into the young adult/teen mystery genre with her captivating series, Chronicles of V.

Reaching even younger readers, Tasche has collaborated with her husband, Peter Valdez, and together they co-write a children’s book series, Lil Peter - teaching core values with a heartfelt message in each book.

Now living in the serene landscapes of the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their adorable pups, Story & Page, Tasche visits family in southern California when she needs hugs and sunshine! For further information on Tasche’s works, please visit her website at taschelaine.com.

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Sat, Mar 9, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Authors: Bonnie Callahan, C.A. Gray, Tasche Laine, Brant Vickers

Glass Stars
Skye Blue Press
July 2020
ISBN 9781732126169
224 pages