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Raymond Henry (he, him)

Selfie in Berlin

Raymond Henry, a proud Tucson native and an alumnus of the University of Arizona, recently returned to the United States after an enriching chapter in his life in Spain spanning over 15 years. Now calling San Diego, California, his home, Raymond's international experiences have significantly shaped his journey as an author.

During his time in Spain, Raymond found the inspiration to pen the majority of his book. As a seasoned language consultant and educator for a prominent international organization, he shared his expertise in linguistics and supported learners on their language acquisition trajectory. His genuine passion for language and culture shines through his work.

Raymond's professional and personal travels have taken him across Europe, fostering deep connections with the continent. Germany holds a special place in his heart, owing to the enduring relationships he's nurtured over the years. His language skills are a testament to his dedication: he is proficient in German, fluent in Spanish and even dabbles in Portuguese.

Before embarking on his Spanish adventure, Raymond resided in Orange County, California, where he taught AP Spanish, AP Economics and International Relations. His commitment to education and multicultural experiences has been a constant in his life.

In his free time, Raymond remains dedicated to mentoring high school and university students, encouraging the next generation of learners. He also finds inspiration in the symphony, further enriching his deep appreciation for the arts. Raymond Henry is not just an author, but a true advocate for the power of language, culture and education in connecting people from all walks of life.

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Gestohlen - A Story of Beethoven's Piano
Fiction / Literature
Dorrance Publishing Co
September 2023
ISBN 9798889250784