Tucson Festival of Books

Encounters with the Magnificent

These writers have each encountered nature up close in all its beauty and ferocity. Today they will discuss the healing power of nature and what it can teach us about life and love.

Sy Montgomery

Sy Montgomery is a naturalist, documentary scriptwriter, and author of thirty-four  acclaimed books of nonfiction for adults and children, including "The Hawk's Way," "The Hummingbirds’ Gift," the National Book Award finalist "The Soul of an Octopus" and the memoir "The Good Good Pig," which was a New York Times bestseller....

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Christopher Preston

Originally from England, Christopher Preston moved to the US in the 1990s for graduate school. He has lived most of those years in the West, where he enjoys the abundant wildlife and the outdoor activities permitted by the roomy landscapes....

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Kathryn Wilder

Kathryn Wilder's literary endeavors about the Southwest include anthologies, children’s books, essays, fiction, and the memoir "Desert Chrome: Water, a Woman, and Wild Horses in the West," which won the 2022 Colorado Book Award in creative nonfiction, a Nautilus Book Award, and a National Indie Excellence Award....

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The Hawk's Way
Encounters with Fierce Beauty
Sy Montgomery
Nature / Environment / Outdoor Adventure
Simon and Schuster
May 2022
ISBN 9781668001967
96 pages

Desert Chrome: Water, a Woman, and Wild Horses in the West
Water, a Woman, and Wild Horses in the West
Kathryn Wilder
Memoir / Essays / Creative Nonfiction
Torrey House Press
May 2021
ISBN 9781948814362
350 pages

Tenacious Beasts
Wildlife Recoveries That Change How We Think about Animals
Christopher Preston
Nature / Environment / Outdoor Adventure
MIT Press
February 2023
ISBN 9780262047562
328 pages

Tenacious Beasts is quintessential nature writing for the Anthropocene, touching on different facets of ecological restoration from Indigenous knowledge to rewilding practices. More/less