Tucson Festival of Books

Animals Inspiring Awe

In this session, our authors Kristin Ohlson and Christopher Preston will share their incredible experiences with animal behavior ... and the science behind the things they saw. Big picture, what does it all mean?

Kristin Ohlson

Kristin Ohlson is an author and freelance journalist in Portland, Oregon, who has published articles in the New York Times, Orion, Discover, Gourmet, Oprah and many other print and online publications....

Christopher Preston

Originally from England, Christopher Preston moved to the US in the 1990s for graduate school. He has lived most of those years in the West, where he enjoys the abundant wildlife and the outdoor activities permitted by the roomy landscapes....

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Sweet in Tooth and Claw: Stories of Generosity and Cooperation in Nature
Kristin Ohlson
Science / Medicine / Technology
September 2022
ISBN 9781952338090
384 pages

Tenacious Beasts
Wildlife Recoveries That Change How We Think about Animals
Christopher Preston
Nature / Environment / Outdoor Adventure
MIT Press
February 2023
ISBN 9780262047562
328 pages

Tenacious Beasts is quintessential nature writing for the Anthropocene, touching on different facets of ecological restoration from Indigenous knowledge to rewilding practices. More/less