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Budmo! Raise Your Glass to Ukraine

Budmo! (meaning "cheers!" in Ukrainian) is the first cookbook to celebrate classic Eastern European recipes with a modern, creative twist. Ukrainian-born and California-raised chef Anna Voloshyna presents a fresh and contemporary take on classic Ukrainian recipes. Learn alongside Anna as she presents modern spins on the dishes she grew up with and talks about the food customs, traditions and history of Ukraine.

Anna Voloshyna

Anna Voloshyna was born in southern Ukraine in 1990 and relocated to the United States in 2011. She is a chef, blogger, and culinary instructor who translates Eastern European cuisine and flavors into approachable dishes for the modern home cook, and is particularly known for her wildly successful pop-up dinners and workshops....

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Recipes from a Ukrainian Kitchen
Anna Voloshyna
Rizzoli International
October 2022
ISBN 9780847872565
cl, 224 pages